Watching Football With Taylor Swift Is “Almost Depressing,” Deadpool 3 Director Says

Taylor Swift may have written that “It’s Nice to Have a Friend,” but her new pal Shawn Levy is feeling kind of weird about having her as a friend, it would seem. 

Levy, director of the upcoming Deadpool 3, as well as the Night at the Museum movies and Stranger Things, was among the glittering masses who took in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets game on October 1 alongside Swift in a much-photographed luxury suite. Rumored Swift beau Travis Kelce is catching balls and maybe feelings too, but Levy is mostly around to say how weird it is.

In an interview Friday with Variety, Levy dished on his gameday experience in the packed suite with stars like Swift, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner. As it turns out, it was maybe not all fun and games for Levy at the sportsball show.

“[It was a] very fun night but … I’ve known famous people, but Taylor is definitely a culture magnet unlike anything I’ve seen,” he said, revealing that Ryan Reynolds, whom he directed in both Deadpool and Free Guy, and his wife Blake Lively are close friends and the link that secured his invite to the suite. “Nothing prepared us for the frenzy of attention that was that outing.”

He was also aware that it wasn’t just about watching the game—he said the whole crew knew they were being watched just as much as the action on the field.

“If you’re going to a football game in a box with Taylor, you pretty much have to assume that you are on camera all the time and they’re capable of slow motion, so they can definitely read lips,” he said. The attention he’s gotten for attending, Levy shared, is “almost depressing.”

“I could make 50 more hit movies and shows and I’ll still be known as the guy in the orange suede jacket going to the Chiefs-Jets game with Taylor and others,” he said.

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