Viewers are finding it difficult to get to the end of first trailer for Planet Earth III

Viewers are struggling to watch the entire trailer to David Attenborough’s latest wildlife series, the much-anticipated Planet Earth III.

But the first look is proving to be a little too real for some, with many unable to watch the teaser.

The music doesn’t help either…

Shortly after the trailer was released, one Reddit user wrote: “I can’t watch these anymore. We destroy more and more of the planet and these are a sad guilt trip now. I’ve seen all the birds and squirrels they’re gonna show me. And I swear to god if there’s another sloth episode I will have a stroke.”

Others were also feeling the gloom and doom of the teaser, as another said: “This is exactly how I feel. I used to love this show but now whenever I watch it I’m filled with dread and sadness.”

A third commented: “The difference in the tone and messaging of Planet Earth I and II is rather astounding. I fear III will be even more so. Not sure that I can bear to watch what I know will be a destroyed planet within my lifetime.”

While another noted: “As much as I love these docs I can’t help but feel an extreme wave of depression after watching them. We are slowly but surely destroying this beautiful planet and no one really seems to care.”

This conclusion of the nature series will air later this year on BBC One.

The Guardian reported that Mike Gunton, Planet Earth III’s executive producer, was ‘delighted’ to have Sir David narrate the show’s last instalment.

Credit: Aaron Chown – WPA Pool/Getty Images

“As ever, he has brought his huge enthusiasm and wisdom, has been encouraging about our new perspective and has, I know, really enjoyed seeing the extraordinary new wonders brought to the screen,” he said.

There were recent whispers that the BBC Show Wild Isles would be his last on-set location series, as per The National.

The presenter’s family and representatives confirmed he’s not retiring, but The Observer reported that the 97-year-old would no longer travel internationally, as per the outlet.

But rest assured, a representative for the wildlife expert said he still had plenty of things in the pipeline.

Thank god.

Sir David also stated earlier this year that he would only retire if he found his work slipping dramatically.

As far as he can tell, he’s still very much on top.

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