Tuesday briefing: Hostages in Gaza; Biden probe; House speaker race; unlivable heat; new Olympic sports; and more


Between 100 and 150 hostages taken from Israel are being held in Gaza.


Biden was interviewed in a classified documents investigation.


Republicans are scrambling to choose a new speaker of the House.


Extreme heat could make parts of the world “unlivable” for weeks on end.

  • What to know: The hottest parts of the world will hit levels of heat and humidity that even young, healthy people could struggle to survive, according to research published yesterday.
  • Where? Parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. For example, Lahore, Pakistan, could be that hot by the middle of the century for two or three weeks a year.


Vietnam tried to plant spyware on the phones of U.S. officials and journalists.

Inmates given ivermectin will each receive $2,000 after a settlement.

The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics may feature some new sports.

And now … how to check that seafood is safe to eat.

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