Seth Meyers praised for 'thoughtful' segment on Israel's conflict with Hamas on 'The Late Night'

Seth Meyers closed the show with a thoughful note on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict (@LateNightSeth/Youtube)

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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA: Late-night hosts delved into Hamas’ attack on Israel in their Monday night monologues.

Seth Meyers maintained a somber tone, opting for a serious and non-specific approach, expressing that he wouldn’t “pretend to have any answers as to how to respond to a crisis like this”.


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Seth Meyers cautions against blind rage

At the end of the show, Meyers started his monologue with a grim face, expressing, “It is never easy to make a transition like this. But I do want to address — I’m sure you all are aware of the atrocities that were committed against Israel this weekend”.


“They were monstrous and horrific acts of violence. I will not pretend to have any answers as to how to respond to a crisis like this”.

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“I will only say that in the moments when we are confronted with such evil, inhumane acts, we are most at risk of losing our own humanity”.

“When we are, justifiably, blind with rage and sadness, we can make choices that will have massive, irrevocable impacts on the lives of our fellow man”.

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“It requires the absolute best of us to think clearly in times like this. And I hope with all my heart the best of us can emerge in this time of unthinkable loss”.


‘What a thoughtful closing, Seth’

Meyers gestures has been met with praises with one saying, “Good on you Seth for encouraging everyone to think of other and for the better. I can only hope the the small minded Republicans that are holding their breaths will remember it’s The United States of America. Wonderful having you back we missed you all”.

‘Good on you Seth for encouraging everyone’ (@LateNightSeth/Youtube)


‘Why i love Seth’ (@LateNightSeth/Youtube)

Another expressed, “Why i love Seth. he never gives into rage and anger, always has compassion and empathy”.

‘You’ve got a grip on what’s important’ (@LateNightSeth/Youtube)


One follower commented, “Seth, you’ve got a grip on what’s important”.

‘What a thoughtful closing'(@LateNightSeth/Youtube)

One comment read, “Awe, what a thoughtful closing, Seth. Thank you for the gifts of your humor and humanity”. 

‘Thank you Seth’ (@LateNightSeth/Youtube)


Another read, “Thank you Seth for saying what everyone needed to hear! Human kindness and compassion can heal a cruel and confused population”. 

Lastest update on the Israel-Hamas conflict 

Israel has declared the successful acquisition of a substantial section of the Gaza border and is actively evacuating nearby towns.

This evacuation follows the retrieval of 1,500 Hamas militants’ bodies by October 10 after intense battles outside the Palestinian enclave.

The death toll in Israel has surged to over 900, making it the deadliest attack in the country’s 75-year history.

Concurrently, Gaza officials report that 687 individuals have lost their lives thus far.

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