Season 5 of ‘Love Is Blind’ Is The Worst

Reality TV stans love drama, but even this season is a little too ridiculous

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The Big Picture

  • Love Is Blind Season 5 is more focused on drama than finding true love, making it potentially the worst season yet.
  • The couples in this season don’t seem compatible and it’s hard to root for any of them due to poor on-screen portrayal.
  • Several couples, like JP and Taylor, Stacy and Izzy, and Lydia and Uche, have major issues that make their relationships unsatisfying to watch. Stick to the script and find likable cast members for future seasons.

The pod squad is back for season 5 of Love Is Blind on Netflix and this season is… interesting to say the least. It may be bold to claim it’s the worst season released to date, but also not entirely wrong. For those who don’t know, Love Is Blind is a social dating experiment where singles aim to find the love of their life without ever actually seeing them first. This is the fifth time we’ve seen the sanguine singles enter the pods with their notepads and gold cups in hand and get to know one another without physical appearance getting in the way. However, this season is proving to be more about the drama than the root of the experiment, which is to find love truly and deeply.

Season four ended on a mostly positive note. Despite all the drama between Bliss, Zack, and Irina as well as Jackie and Josh, the reunion and After The Altar episodes showed the cast coming together despite their differences. That season also had the highest amount of couples still together, with three marriages still intact. Season five is not looking as promising, with only two couples on their way to the altar and only seven episodes in. The first seven episodes were an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least, and the couples still standing don’t seem compatible. Season 5 makes it impossible to root for any individual or any couple because of how poorly they’re presented on screen.

 JP wears a blue suit sitting next to Taylor in a white dress on 'Love Is Blind'
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Jared “JP” Pierce and Taylor Rue were one of the couples during the pods that seemed the most wholesome. They connected immediately and had no drama surrounding love triangles or uncertainty. That is, until they met. One of the most significant moments on the show was an argument that Taylor and JP had during their Mexico trip. The reason for their fighting ultimately came down to makeup. JP told Taylor that he felt she was fake because she dressed up, wore fake eyelashes, and looked nice upon seeing him for the first time outside the pods. The two struggled to keep a connection in person and JP’s disrespect for Taylor’s autonomy eventually led to the two calling it off. It seemed very controlling that JP was trying to make a decision on how Taylor presented herself in order for it to be attractive to him. As a viewer, this is confusing because of how well they connected in the pods. Was the editing to blame for making them seem more connected in the pods and less connected out of it, or was there a poor casting selection?

Stacy And Izzy’s Relationship Is Heavy On Classism

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder hug and kiss in a hotel room on 'Love Is Blind'
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Stacy Snyder and Izzy Zapata had a little bit of a rocky start in the pods due to Johnie Maraist also having Izzy as her number one, but ultimately Stacy and Izzy made it out and had themselves a grand time in Mexico. All was great until the two came back to Houston and toured each other’s homes. Surprisingly, with how deep their connection was in the pods, Izzy and Stacy never had a conversation about finances. When the two were touring Stacy’s home, and it came time to discuss how finances would be split, Stacy made it clear that she wanted him to help with the household expenses but expected Izzy to wine and dine her and provide her with all the fancy things in life. When touring Izzy’s home, Stacy ridiculed Izzy for using paper plates and cups. Sure, paper products are incredibly wasteful, but Stacy’s interpretation of Izzy using paper products for dishware really made it seem like her top priority is to be spoiled and treated lavishly. To really sell how much of an impact a paper product had on Stacy, she later ridiculed Izzy about it to her family. Stacy’s father made a comment about how sometimes love needs to fly first class and I think that sums up how Stacy and Izzy’s relationship will go. Stacy isn’t the only one to give a side eye to in this relationship though. The weird lost-and-found sex drawer at Izzy’s home is definitely icky and reeks of playboy, especially how Izzy acted like it wasn’t a big deal. To a viewer, that drawer should’ve been a bigger deal than the paper dinnerware was, but I guess those reveal Stacy’s priorities.

Lydia, Uche, Aaliyah, and Milton Are All Messy

 Aaliyah and Lydia cry and snuggle on a couch on 'Love Is Blind' Season 5
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One of the biggest bombshells on the show is when it’s dropped that Lydia Gonzalez and Uche Okoroha know each other and actually dated in the past. It is this evidence linked together that ultimately causes Aaliyah Cosby to leave the show. In one scene during episode 7, Aaliyah and Uche are seen at lunch together speaking openly about the relationship. Uche reveals that Lydia was obsessive and giving some stalker vibes and Aaliyah reveals that Lydia was a little too involved in their connection from the start and that she felt uncomfortable. The conspiracy theorists on TikTok are going nuts right now between Uche saying they left that lunch together as a couple and holding hands even though the episode made it seem like it was over between the two of them. Also, a rumor circulating that Lydia purposely came on the show to follow Uche makes viewers wonder if they’re screening these potential contestants well enough from the start before they are cast. In episode seven, there’s an explosive fight between Uche and Lydia about their previous involvement with each other. For two individuals who have moved on with their respective partners and are happy, the two can’t seem to stop searching for drama to have something to talk about. Uche clearly feels scorned but acts like Lydia owes him an apology and Lydia is tired of being harassed but accepts no responsibility for her weird behavior. Meanwhile, Milton Johnson is standing around awkwardly and waiting for another opportunity to make fun of Lydia’s English. Seriously, her English is fine, you’re just being ridiculous.

Season 5 Is All Around Giving Everyone The Ick

Taylor Rue uses a tissue for her tears on 'Love Is Blind' Season 5
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Instead of relationships, all of these people need therapy. The next batch of episodes will be released this Friday, October 6, and I have very low expectations for the success of their relationships. I can say without hesitation that the Reunion and After The Altar episodes for this season will be anything but dull. This season is either edited to make viewers dislike everyone or the wrong members were cast. After five seasons has the underlying goal been too tarnished? Netflix will need a serious turnaround for likable cast members for season six if they want fans to continue to tune in. Sure, drama is entertaining, but finding a fairytale love is what drew fans in to begin with. Stick to the script!

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