Scorsese Loves ‘Barbenheimer,’ Adjust Your Tastes Accordingly

Martin Scorsese’s pop culture opinions have become a full-contact sport, so welcome to the Thunderdome, Barbenheimer. Despite not seeing either film, Marty is a huge fan of the double feature because, and I quote, “The most important thing is that people went to watch these in a theater. And I think that’s wonderful.” There you have it, folks. If it gets butts in the seats, then it’s A-OK in Scorsese’s book. (Deadline)

Diane Kruger’s beaded hood is like medieval armor, but make it fashion. (Lainey Gossip)

Ed Sheeran already has a what in his where now? (Celebitchy)

Trump is now saying he has a better body than Biden. My fascist dude, if you untucked your shirt, at least three to seven quarter pounders would fall out. Who are you kidding here? — Your mush-brain followers who believe every word you say? OK, that tracks. I should have been prepared for that one. (Wonkette)

To celebrate the birthday of the one and only Nora Roberts, Kayleigh wrote about the undisputed queen of romance. (Paste)

Disney+ would really like you to know that a whole lot of people watched the Loki Season 2 premiere. (Variety)

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is using the Israel situation to bail on tech conferences where she’ll have to answer for whatever bullsh*t Elon’s done now. (The Verge)

MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios chronicles the rise of Hollywood’s most dominant player, and hey, one of the authors looks familiar. (THR)

Men are cheating with AI Instagram bots, because men. (Rolling Stone)

If you serve me bread shaped like a clicker from The Last of Us, we’re going to have a serious problem because it seems like a sandwich would’ve been way easier. I make them all the time, and I have the culinary skills of a lawn chair. (Kotaku)

Gen V gives gender fluidity the epic portrayal it deserves. (Daily Beast)

Happy 80th birthday to author R.L. Stine, whose books launched many Cannonballers on their reading journey. Classic says in her 2022 review of The New Evil, “I do love that when I think of Christmas these days, my first thought goes to crazed killers though. Reading R.L. Stine as a teen will do that to you.” Which authors shaped you as a young reader?  (Cannonball Read 15)

I was cleaning out my Twitter bookmarks and found this video, which I only just now watched for the first time minutes ago. Never have I related more to a stand-up bit, but most importantly, everything Sarah said:

Middle aged hack comics desperate to go viral for being “edgy” punching down on trans people or being racist on a basement stage, meanwhile Nate Bargatze is selling out arenas with material like this

— Sarah York (@thesarahyork) September 23, 2023

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