Perception Of Triple H & Vince McMahon’s Respective WWE Roles Has Boosted Morale

Triple H

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Triple H might be fully in charge of WWE Creative once more.

A new report from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp details the latest behind-the-scenes happenings at WWE, and notes that Triple H may once again be at the head of creative decisions behind the company.

According to Sapp in a new Fightful Select report, sources note that there was a bit of a morale boost behind the scenes during this past episode of Monday Night RAW. Namely, this morale boost came with a line of thinking that Triple H was once again heading up the creative department of WWE, and not Vince McMahon, who had seemingly taken over control once he returned to the company earlier this year.

Several performers reached out to Fightful and said there’s been a definite shift in morale starting with the September 25 episode of WWE Raw. It was also relayed that there are signs Triple H is running things like Johnny Gargano’s return, Carlito’s return and having Bronson Reed and Cameron Grimes on TV, among other things. This person said it might not be a direct result, but those things going on at the same time are “a little too much to be a coincidence for me.”

WWE has reportedly seen a boost in optimism recently

The report goes on to mention that the boost in optimism is big for the company, which reportedly saw locker room morale hit “an all-time low” at the beginning of 2022, due to what many noted was a lack of confidence in Vince McMahon’s overall creative direction. While Triple H would go on to head up creative decisions once McMahon took a leave from the company amidst ongoing legal issues, when McMahon returned to help the company through its merger with UFC, many people believe he took back control over the creative side of things.

When he returned, McMahon would reportedly not be involved with creative meetings, but instead send in remote changes, many of which would occur shortly before a show began. Now, though, Sapp reports that over the last few weeks, “many of those late changes have stopped,” and that things seem to be returning to how it was when Triple H was in charge.

The report goes on to mention that, although many talent and staff have taken an “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach to McMahon’s role with Endeavor — the company behind UFC and WWE’s merger — they “looked upon Triple H fondly,” although it’s unclear what the future holds.

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