October’s New Moon in Libra and Solar Eclipse Will Spark Growth and Transformation

October 14 delivers a powerful solar eclipse and new moon in Libra, putting some wind under our witches’ brooms this season.

The merging of a solar eclipse and new moon will create the illusion of a ring of fire around la luna, resulting in a spectacular display. Visuals aside, the combined energy of a solar eclipse and new moon will undoubtedly generate some serious cosmic energy. The start of the lunar phase represents a fresh start and ushers in a new season, while a solar eclipse symbolizes deep introspection and transformation as they literally reveal shadows. Together, this weekend’s new moon might trigger an existential crisis, but you’ll come out on the other side new and improved.

Because the moon is in Libra, your focus may be on your relationships. Depicted by the scales, the air sign is all about balance and is often playing peacemaker in their inner circle. Instead of falling into the role of mediator, pay attention to your relationship with yourself first and foremost.

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With the new moon in your seventh house of partnership, you’re being asked to evaluate the quality of your closest bonds. As a fire sign, you’re never afraid to say what needs to be said, so don’t be afraid to speak your truth if you’re feel dissatisfied.


The Libra new moon is in your sixth house of wellness and daily routines, offering you a clean slate when it comes to your health. Things tend to slow down during the fall as they should. Use the season as inspiration to press pause and take stock of how well you’re taking care of yourself, especially with winter on the horizon.


With your fifth house of creativity and romance coming into full view, the Libra new moon is encouraging you to break out of your rut and fall back in love with life again. As a highly cerebral and energetic sign, it’s likely you have a million hobbies. Dive back into your special interests to ignite a fire within.


Cancers are synonymous with homebodies and fittingly, the new moon is taking up space in your fourth house of domesticity. Considering it’s cozy season, take advantage of the cleansing energy of the solar eclipse-new moon hybrid and declutter the f–k out of your space. Your mind is only as organized as your space is.


It’s time for you to roar Leo as the new moon is in your third house of communication. Influenced by the amicable Libra, be sure to take on a more gentle tone this season. This doesn’t mean that you have to sugarcoat your words, but lead with empathy and kindness always. Think about the way you communicate with yourself as well, making sure that your self-talk derives from a place of love and care.


As we leave your season Virgo, the new moon in Libra is setting up residence in your second house of income. Your mind is always on the bag, but the presence of the solar eclipse will force you to rethink your ingrained narratives around finances. Resist the urge to operate from a scarcity mindset and practice gratitude for the abundance you’ve already fostered, while manifesting even more.

We are in your season Libra, positioning the new moon in your first house of identity. You’re infinitely lucky as the combined forces of the solar eclipse and new moon will lead to a true metamorphosis. Carve out some time to reflect on how you’d like to show up in the next six months and put pen to paper to make it happen.


The celestial planet is in your twelfth house of subconscious, making the solar eclipse/new moon all the more spooky and soulful. Opt for solitude on Saturday, harnessing the powerful cosmic energy to work on your spiritual routine and prioritize shadow work.


With the new moon in Libra taking up space in your eleventh house of networking, you may feel called to plan a gathering, especially since Libras are a notoriously social sign. Organizing a social eclipse watch party with your closest friends or hopping on FaceTime with an old friend will help nourish those important connections, making your life more full as a result.


The new moon falls in your tenth house of career, turning your already ambitious spirit on overdrive. If you’ve been feeling stagnant at work, make an effort to do some goal-setting and don’t be afraid to invest in additional learning and skill-building. Don’t forget it’s a marathon when it comes to cultivating a successful professional life, not a sprint.


The new moon shines a light in your ninth house of travel and philosophy, encouraging you to take that expansive mindset on the road. Getting a change in scenery will help spark much-needed epiphanies as the solar eclipse intensifies your desire for new experiences. If you can’t manage to take a staycation, switch up where you work from to fuel fresh ideas.


The new moon is in your eighth house of intimacy and investments, pushing you to get comfortable with vulnerability. Whether you’re coupled up or single, embracing your softer side is the key to healthy platonic and romantic relationships. Don’t neglect being vulnerable with yourself as you can’t open up to others with being honest with yourself.

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