Netflix’s Fauda star Lior Raz joins his brave ‘brothers in arms’ on Israel’s frontline to help…

Netflix star Lior Raz has revealed he has joined his ‘brothers in arms’ on Israel’s frontline to help rescue stricken families in the isolated town of Sderot. 

Raz, 51, the star of the Israeli hit Fauda, can be seen in the dramatic video he posted to X (previously Twitter) alongside the show’s creator, Avi Issacharoff, ducking behind a wall as Hamas fired rockets overhead. 

‘Acompanied by Yohanan Plesner and Avi Issacharoff, I headed down south to join hundreds of brave ‘brothers in arms’ volunteers who worked tirelessly to assist the population in the south of Israel. We were sent to the bombarded town of Sderot to extract 2 families,’ Raz wrote in the caption. 

Raz’s role in the rescue operation has not been confirmed by Israeli officials. It’s thought at as many as 100 people have been taken hostage by Hamas in the wake of Saturday’s shocking attacks. 

Fauda is based upon Issacharoff’s real experiences in the Israeli Defense Forces. It began in 2015 and is set for a fifth season. The name translates from Hebrew into English as ‘Chaos.’ 

Actor Lior Raz pictured cowering in terror as Hamas rockets fly overhead in Israel as the Netflix star joined in a rescue operation in the southern part of the country

Raz’s character, Doron Kavillio, is a top agent who is hunting a Hamas terrorist named The Panther. In addition, Raz has appeared in Mary Magdalene alongside Joaquin Phoenix and 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds and will appear in Ridley Scott’s long-awaited sequel to Gladiator. 

In an earlier post on his Instagram Story, Raz said: ‘Remember who started the massacre. Hamas is an organization that wants to destroy the Jews and does not want to talk about peace in any conditions.’

‘When the war turns, and we promise you that we Israelis will turn it, and Gaza will absorb the losses, remember that we go into this war with a heavy heart, with no desire to kill innocents, and with no choice in the face of those who come against us.’ 

Both Raz and Issacharoff served in the special forces during their mandatory service in the Israeli military. 

Raz was born in the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim to an Iraqi father and an Algerian mother. His father was a career office in the Israeli equivalent of the US Navy Seals. 

Following his graduation from high school, Raz enlisted in the counter-terrorism unit, Duvdevan, which means ‘cherry-on-top.’

After his service was up, Raz moved to Los Angeles where he worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodyguard.  

‘This is my heritage and why I live in Israel. I’m very connected to my heritage and my Judaism. In Israel, it’s not a question at all. It’s something you’re born into when you live in the Jewish state. You fight for the Jewish state. You belong to the Jewish state,’ he said of his pride in being Israeli during a 2018 interview.

In Fauda, Raz plays Doron Kavillio, is a top agent who is hunting a Hamas terrorist named The Panther

Raz attends Apple TV+’s The Crowded Room New York Premiere at Museum of Modern Art in June 2023

 Israel bombarded downtown Gaza City on Tuesday and expanded a massive mobilization of reservists, vowing punishing retaliation against the Hamas militant group that increasingly left residents of the tiny Palestinian territory with nowhere to go.

Four days after terrorists stormed into Israel, bringing gun battles to its streets for the first time in decades, Israel’s military said Tuesday morning that it had regained effective control over its south and the border.

The war has already claimed at least 1,600 hundred lives on both sides — and perhaps many hundreds more. Israel has also said that Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza are also holding more than 150 soldiers and civilians hostage.

The conflict is only expected to escalate from here. Israel expanded the mobilization of reservists to 360,000 on Tuesday, according to the country’s media. 

And one major question is whether it will launch a ground offensive into Gaza — a tiny strip of land wedged among Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean that is home to 2.3 million people and has been governed by Hamas since 2007.

While U.N. agencies appealed for a humanitarian corridor to bring in medical supplies, the Israeli military said it struck hundreds of targets overnight in Gaza City’s Rimal neighborhood, an upscale district that is home to ministries of the Hamas-run government, as well as universities, media organizations and the offices of aid organizations.

After hours of nonstop attacks, residents left their homes at daybreak to find some buildings torn in half by airstrikes and others reduced to mounds of concrete and rebar. Cars were flattened and trees burned out on residential streets that had been transformed into moonscapes.

The devastation in Rimal signaled what could be a new Israeli tactic: warning civilians to leave certain areas and then hitting those areas with unprecedented intensity. If these airstrikes continue, Gaza’s civilians will have fewer and fewer places to shelter as more neighborhoods become uninhabitable.

Israel’s chief military spokesman emphasized the unprecedented nature of the current campaign, saying ‘all options are on the table.’

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