Longtime Tennessee news anchor on mission trip among many attempting to leave Israel after deadly attacks

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A longtime Tennessee news anchor on a mission trip in Israel is trying to figure out how to get home after the recent deadly attacks by Hamas.

Alan Williams worked at WVLT in Knoxville and was one of 12 East Tennesseans in Israel when the attacks occurred. Williams said he’s scared and things are continuously getting worse.

He said he, among many others, is ready to go home.

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He captured video in the Palestinian city of Bethany on Monday, showing damage on just about every street block he passed. Williams said he’s been in touch with U.S. Representative Tim Burchett’s office and the State Department hoping for help after what happened as the group attempted to leave Bethlehem.

He adds that things are becoming increasingly unsettling.

“Getting out of there was difficult,” We went to a road where we were supposed to get out but that road was blocked because it looked like a mortar or a rocket hit there and there were soldiers all over the place, so we had to go through Palestinian territory through a mountain range with three vans and we were very very lucky to get back,” Williams said.

“We’re just kind of holding our breath and as a group of Christian people, we were doing a lot of praying along the way. the sirens in Jerusalem went off and then we heard three large booms. This was not an adventure it was harrowing actually it was pretty scary.”

Williams’ group said getting around was becoming difficult and the second they made it back to Jerusalem, rockets started flying overhead. He said his next step is to contact the embassy for help leaving safely.

Longtime Tennessee news anchor among many attempting to leave Israel after deadly attacks

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