Former Republican opponent weighs in on investigation of Sheriff Hakes

CHIPPEWA COUNTY (WQOW) – The Chippewa County Board will meet to discuss Travis Hakes’ future as sheriff, and his former opponent is now speaking out. 

As we’ve reported, the board is looking into alleged misconduct following a report of sexual harassment from a former county employee. The investigation into that misconduct brought other issues to light, like lack of training and frequent absences from his job.

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Hakes has defended himself multiple times, calling the inquiry politically motivated.

Sheriff Hakes will be given the opportunity to speak at Tuesday night’s meeting. That will be public before the board goes into closed session to discuss the alleged misconduct. There is a portion open for public comment as well. If any decisions are made they will be announced in open session immediately.

Hakes’ former Republican opponent, Dan Marcon, is weighing in on the investigation. He said Sheriff Hakes doesn’t have what it takes to lead a law enforcement agency, a message he made clear on his most recent podcast.

News 18 spoke with Marcon Monday. He said there were several red flags that stood out to him in the Von Briesen report. Among those, what started it all: A complaint from a female dispatcher over alleged sexual harassment. She has since resigned.

“That’s not good,” Marcon said. “And then sit there be like, ‘it didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter anymore because they don’t work here.’ No it does and as a female that would really put distrust in me thinking that that’s how my boss or my sheriff feels about it at that time.”

Meanwhile, this is what Marcon had to say about what he hopes happens at Tuesday night’s Chippewa County board meeting:

“I would just go to bed tonight and pray that the county and the people that are in charge make the right decision and God willing, that it comes out, whatever way it comes, it’s better for the people of Chippewa County,” he said. 

Marcon encourages people to read the report and make judgements for themselves. He also said his opinion is not politically motivated as he does not intend to run for sheriff again.

The board meeting starts at 6 p.m. Tuesday News 18 will be there and will have the latest online and on air.

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