Endeavor set to help put Triple H’s plans in motion? Exploring major changes to WWE’s future

The wrestling world has been turned upside down this year, thanks to the news that WWE was set to merge with Endeavor and UFC. The merger was later officially completed as of several weeks ago. Now both UFC and World Wrestling Entertainment operate under the banner of TKO Holdings Group.

With this news came a lot of questions and curiosities. For example, Vince McMahon is back in the fold. He is technically in charge of both World Wrestling Entertainment and Ultimate Fighting Championship, thanks to his role on the board, along with several others. Despite that, Vince actually has a boss of his own for the first time in decades, which in turn opens up even more questions.

Another question mark was the status of Triple H.

Some feared that he would no longer be in charge of WWE creative, but it appears that The Game is still running things. Beyond that, it looks like his vision of Global Localization and growing the company internationally will be moving forward, thanks to Endeavor.

During the WWE Fastlane Press Conference, Triple H discussed the future of NXT, and his plans for international growth for the promotion. He confirmed that is indeed still the intent and that thanks to Endeavor’s contacts and feet on the ground, the vision is even more capable of becoming a reality.

The Game also mentioned that due to the growing infrastructure behind NXT, the brand will continue to grow to become fully established like RAW and SmackDown. This had been something he wanted back in the black and gold era too.

NXT Europe is potentially WWE’s first step in Global Localization

For those unaware, Global Localization is Triple H’s plan to bring WWE and NXT all over the world. He has mentioned in the past that he would like to see Performance Centers and NXT brands in China, India, South America, Japan, and various other parts of the world.

The hope is to further establish WWE’s footprint in the region, while also training and developing talent from each part of the world. From there, some stars could then move to the United States to compete on RAW, SmackDown, and NXT.

The first attempt at Global Localization came with NXT UK. The brand was quite successful initially, with a Performance Center in England and a few big TakeOver specials under their belt. Unfortunately, the brand shut down last year, but NXT Europe is supposed to launch in place of the United Kingdom territory.

Details remain scarce when it comes to NXT Europe, however. There isn’t yet information on when it will officially launch, what the brand will look like, where the Performance Center will be based, and what talent could be utilized. Progress and announcements are expected in 2024.

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