Arnold Schwarzenegger Told A Story About Sleeping With A Trophy During His Mr. Universe Days, And I Don’t Know If I’m…
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Ambition could practically be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s middle name. Even at the age of 76, the star of some of the best action movies still knows how to hustle. Part of that constant energy has led to Schwarzenegger releasing a new book titled Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life – and the promotional tour has seen the actor reveal a story about sleeping with his Mr. Universe trophy. Truthfully, I’m not sure if I’m impressed or concerned.

In conversation with People about his upcoming text, the star of Predator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day was asked about how content he was in life. After all the success he’s achieved, and the stories he’s racked up as a result, that question is extremely valid. Responding to that point, Arnie told his trophy story, but with a very important context: 

I don’t know what you mean by contentment. I’m always content, but, I mean, I’m always hungry for more. I slept with my first trophy. No one could take it away. But at the same time, the other foot is already out of bed going for the second Mr. Universe title.

Reading about those actions in a more specific context, I can see where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head was at. If I were to win something like an Oscar in my lifetime, I’d potentially have that on my nightstand – but I’m not sure I’d take it into bed. At the same time, I can’t fault the former California governor for doing that himself, especially when noting that the gesture was a symbol of living in the moment of great success. 

“Extra” has always been part of the Schwarzenegger brand. One could see that in effect yet again when the Austrian actor opened a box of Be Useful books using Conan the Barbarian’s sword. And yet, the man also understands when to turn up the charm and when to get down to business. Further explaining how he’s changed over the years, Arnold Schwarzenegger put that philosophy further into focus by saying,

Today, I feel good where I am. I feel I’m much wiser. I’m much smarter. I’m not as crazy. I think more about people. I think more about people’s feelings. In your 20s, you don’t do any of that. It’s me, me, me, me. As time goes on, you learn from your mistakes.

Though Arnold has put in long days on projects like his Netflix series FUBAR, the man also understands the limitations of the human body. Schwarzenegger’s recent comments on aging only further bring that into focus, as tales of comparing his current body to the one of his Mr. Olympia days are bittersweet and truthful. The man that swaggered around Hollywood with boasts of manliness and excellence has given way to a wizened figure who wants everyone to live to their fullest potential and enjoy it while it lasts. 

As he celebrates the release of Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, the wealth of experiences that Arnold Schwarzenegger has amassed is certainly a rich source of life lessons. Even in recalling his split with ex-wife Maria Shriver, Arnold is open with what he learned and how it differs from what the world may have though went down.

Those revelations and more await fans who want to learn more by reading Be Useful. The book will be available to read on October 10 and can be pre-ordered through Amazon or wherever you source your reading materials. In the meantime, Schwarzenegger fans can also watch Season 1 of FUBAR with the aid of a Netflix subscription as they wait for Season 2’s eventual arrival. 

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