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Is the new Snow White live-action movie being canceled? Rumors are running rampant online following actress Rachel Zegler’s re-surfaced comments surrounding the film.

HOLR is breaking down the controversy surrounding the new live-action Snow White film and why the public is allegedly calling out Disney, according to a TikTok video that went viral online.

Snow White New Movie Controversy

According to this TikTok video posted by user @christopherclaflin, people have been criticizing the new Snow White live-action lead alleged storyline and actress Rachel Zegler for re-surfaced comments she made regarding the new movie’s modern storyline.


It’s honestly amazing that Disney keeps going to these live action remakes with casting and creative decisions that slap the original source material in the face. It’s equally shocking that they do this in the name of diversity while failing to create original characters representing people of color. It’s almost like stirring the pot, creating controversy, and destroying the classics is their strategy. 🤨 rrachelzeglerssnowwhiteddisneyddisneypluseentertainmentw#woke

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As noted in the TikTok video, Hollywood and the media is allegedly trying to spin the story to have the audience believe that people don’t want to view the new movie as a result of racism, and not being progressive enough. However, fans actually have an issue with actress Zegler not wanting to honor the Disney classic. As a result, the public is seemingly calling for the new movie to be canceled or Zegler to be replaced with an actress who is a fan of the original storyline. The TikToker claims Hollywood and the media are out of touch with what the public actually wants when it comes to reimagined Disney live-action films.

Rachel Zegler Snow White Interview

The public has raised concerns over Zegler not being grateful enough to portray a classic Disney princess and has questioned Disney’s request to remove key characters from the film such as the dwarves- replacing them with the ‘magical creatures.’ As a result, it seems as though the media is allegedly spinning the story to claim that the public is not progressive enough in 2023, while individuals just want the new live-action film to honor Disney’s classic storyline. In fact, recent petitions have popped up online in favor of canceling the new live-action remake.

The TikToker goes on to discuss Zegler’s comments about it not being “1937 anymore” which begs the question of why even remake classics if they won’t follow the original beloved storyline? This could’ve been Disney’s opportunity to create an entirely new movie that tells a new tale. As the TikToker goes on to say, when you change the recipe of a classic that is tried and true, you’re going to have some issues with convincing the public this version is worth the watch- and so far, the main cast has allegedly not been doing the best job at this.

Is Disney going to cancel Snow White?

The public is supposedly calling Disney out to online to cancel the new live-action as a result of the alleged changes made to the storyline combined with Zegler’s resurfaced comments- but will Disney listen?

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