Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ Missing From New ‘Greatest Hits’ Release

“Fat Bottomed Girls” is missing from the published tracklist on Yoto.

Freddie Mercury performs with Queen at the Milton Keynes National Bowl, June 1982.

Graham Wiltshire/GI

Fat bottomed girls might make the rockin’ world go round, but Queen‘s racy song is nowhere to be found on a new release of Greatest Hits.

Recognized as the U.K.’s all-time best-selling album, Queen’s early career compilation is now available on kids’ audio platform Yoto, where listeners can “rock out to” 16 classic tracks, reads a statement.

“Fat Bottomed Girls,” one of the Rock And Roll Hall of Famers’ naughtier songs, is missing from the published tracklist.




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See latest videos, charts and news

The blurb accompanying the album points out that “the lyrics in some of these songs contain adult themes, including occasional references to violence and drugs.” The songs are the original and unedited recordings, and that “parental discretion is advised” when playing the songs around younger children.

Released in 1978, “Fat Bottomed Girls” was a double-a side with “Bicycle Race,” a relatively harmless song that includes a cheeky reference to those bike-riding “fat bottomed girls,” and appears in the Yoto version of Queen’s Greatest Hits.

The song doesn’t make the cut on Yoto, most likely due its lyrical content. On it, the late Freddie Mercury sings, “Left alone with big fat Fanny/ She was such a naughty nanny/ Big woman, you made a bad boy out of me.”

“Fat Bottomed Girls” has helped Queen‘s Greatest Hits to ride on for several major chart records.

Released in 1981, the set last year passed 1,000 weeks on the Official Albums Chart Top 100, becoming just the third album to do so, and the first by a British act or a rock band; and became the first album to shift seven million chart sales in the U.K. The hits compilation crossed the six million threshold back in 2014.

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