Princess Diana’s diaries inspire Kate Middleton to be ‘peacemaker’ between Prince William, Harry?
Princess Diana’s diaries inspire Kate Middleton to be peacemaker between Prince William, Harry?

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has been inspired by Princess Diana’s diaries to play her role as ‘peacemaker’ between feuding royal brothers Prince William and Harry, it is reported.

The OK! Magazine, citing sources, reported the Princess of Wales has read her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s diaries, which have provided her ‘valuable insight’ into what Harry and William’s relationship was like when they were young.”

Kate Middleton is telling her husband William to stop ‘being so stubborn’ the insider told the publication and added, “The way she sees it, family is family.”

The future queen feels William and Harry’s feud has gone on long enough and that “it’s time for them to be brothers again.”

The mother of three also believes, “there’s still time to repair the damage” and has been quietly pushing for a ‘truce’.

The new claims came amid reports Kate Middleton has continued her efforts to heal broken relationship between Harry and the royal family.

The Closer, per Daily Express, citing a source reported Kate Middleton has been in contact with Prince Harry.

She has also made ‘late-night phone’ calls to Prince Harry to persuade him to end differences with King Charles and Prince William.

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