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Internet guy Logan Paul is in the business of hot takes. No reason; just blurting out whatever gets social media to freak out and talk about him.

Paul is a microcosm of the newer generations of people that abandon experience for the sake of virality.

So what is Paul’s latest crime to humanity? Walking out of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” 15 minutes into the movie because it was full of “people talking.”

Paul shared the admission in an interview with YouTube duo Danny and Michael Philippou.

They ate up Paul’s comments about “Oppenheimer.”


The two Australian brothers recently directed their own Hollywood feature, “Talk to Me.”

(Having seen that Australian horror movie, it was a 90-minute Gen Z thriller that lacked scares but had plenty of buzzwords to keep the young audiences engaged.)

Logan Paul accused “Oppenheimer” (all 15 minutes of it) of being full of expositional dialogue.

It’s a shocking review considering “Oppenheimer” did gangbusters at the box office and gained widespread critical praise.

While movies remain a subjective piece of media, Paul’s comments were a fantastic reminder that Millenials and onward are becoming terrible creators and critics of media.


Paul admitted to also walking out of Nolan’s previous film, “Interstellar,” 18 minutes into the flick for being too complex. He said after watching it on a separate occasion, “Interstellar” became one of his all-time favorites.

Sit through the movie and call it a bomb; that’s a fair criticism. But treating a Christopher Nolan movie like an Ed Wood film is insane.

As newer generations get inundated by social media and streaming, they abandon the need to intentionally look at a work of creativity and see beyond its surface.

The three-hour movie has its faults, but is it really a stretch to sell audiences on a film about physicists working together to develop atomic bombs?

For a movie that was visually dazzling and full of realistic dialogue (which can’t be said of Logan Paul’s YouTube videos), “Oppenheimer” simply shouldn’t have gained this much hate.

In a story about a conflicted character wrestling with the potential for human destruction to hopefully stop a war, Logan Paul thought, “too many words; head hurt.”

What are your thoughts on “Oppenheimer”?

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.