Warrior Nun Set To Return With Movie Trilogy After Fans Help Revive The Series

Warrior Nun will return as a trilogy of feature films following the fan campaign to save the series after it was cancelled by Netflix last year.


  • Warrior Nun, the cancelled Netflix show, has been saved thanks to a fan campaign and will be returning as a trilogy of feature films.
  • The fan movement, #SaveWarriorNun, played a major role in bringing back the fantasy action series.
  • Series creator Simon Barry initially announced the show’s rescue, and new information has been revealed about Warrior Nun’s comeback as a film trilogy.

Warrior Nun will be returning with a film trilogy following a major fan campaign to save the series. The fantasy action show was cancelled by Netflix in December 2022, leading to the fan movement #SaveWarriorNun. In June, series creator Simon Barry announced Warrior Nun had been saved thanks to the efforts of fans. He later revealed a website with a countdown on it, teasing new info about Warrior Nun that would be coming soon.

Now, a video from executive producer Dean English on the Warrior Nun Saved website has revealed Warrior Nun is returning as a trilogy of feature films. English also revealed intentions to expand Warrior Nun into more movies and TV series following existing characters from the series. A video version of English’s announcement can be viewed below:

Everything To Expect From The Warrior Nun Movie Trilogy

Ava glaring and determined in Warrior Nun season 2 episode 6 in armor

The countdown on the website drew much speculation about what would be announced, including the possibility of Warrior Nun season 3 at a different streaming service than Netflix. However, with Warrior Nun now returning as a film trilogy, there’s no telling where the movies will arrive. The films could be on a streaming service like Max or Prime Video, and could end up having a limited theatrical run on initial release.

Warrior Nun season 2 set up many major storylines the upcoming movie trilogy can explore surrounding the OCS and the dimension Adriel and Reya come from. This includes the relationship between Ava and Beatrice, which was cut short after Ava was forced to go to Reya’s dimension to heal from life-threatening injuries. The new Warrior Nun film trilogy will no doubt feature a reunion between Ava and Beatrice, as teased by a glowing divinium sword at the end of season 2.

English’s announcement of a possible Warrior Nun universe featuring established characters means the franchise may expand far beyond the upcoming trilogy. This makes everything from a Lilith spinoff to a Father Vincent prequel series possible entries for the future. With no word yet on where and when the trilogy will be released, English, Barry, and those involved in Warrior Nun‘s revival will no doubt have even more news about its return in the future.

Source: Warrior Nun Saved

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