People blown away by ‘unrecognizable’ Bradley Cooper in transformation for new Netflix movie

He might have played an animated raccoon but that hasn’t stopped fans from being blown away by how ‘unrecognizable’ Bradley Cooper looks in his latest role.

Swapping Marvel for musicals, the actor plays composer Leonard Bernstein in his latest feature film and has even been aged up for the role.

In fact, the trailer for Maestro has struck a chord with fans – many of whom who are in total shock over Cooper’s appearance. Take a look below:

For those who aren’t familiar with the film, here’s a quick synopsis to make sure we’re singing from the same songbook.

The biopic centres around West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein (Cooper) and his decades-long relationship with his wife, actress Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein (Carey Mulligan).

Netflix’s official release describes the film as ‘a love letter to life and art, ‘Maestro’ at its core is an emotionally epic portrayal of family and love’.

Bradley Cooper will play the titular maestro in the upcoming film. Credit: Netflix

If that weren’t enough to intrigue you, the trailer is a bit similar to Oppenheimer as it flickers from black and white to brilliant technicolour while showing their marriage through the years.

It’s here that we get incredible snippets of Cooper in the role, wearing heavy prosthetics as he ages up to play the accomplished Broadway composer.

Understandably, fans are a little hyped to see the actor take on the titular role, with many commenting on his incredible transformation.

The Marvel actor looks complete unrecognisable in the latest trailer. Credit: Netflix

In the comments on Youtube, fans have already gushed about how unrecognisable to the Guardians of the Galaxy actor looks.

Comparing him to the real-life maestro, one fan wrote: “Bradley Cooper really does look uncanny in MAESTRO”

Another commented on the incredible costuming, writing: “The prosthetics on Cooper are absolutely phenomenal! Kazu Hiro once again at the top of his game with the make up!”

A third added: “…the make-up is amazing, HIS VOICE AS OLD BERNSTEIN IS INSANE, the way he conducted is freaking the same… i’m not ready for this…”

“He’s unrecognizable, the makeup is very good.” someone else said.

Meanwhile, others spoke about how the Nightmare Alley star might finally win big at the next awards season.

They wrote: “Steven spielberg, Todd Philips and Martin Scorsese as producers and Bradley Cooper as the director and lead actor. That’s enough for a couple of Oscars”

Here is hoping that the role is music to the Academy’s ears!

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