Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard react to critics claiming they lied about being stranded at Boston airport

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are experts at not letting the haters get to them.

Just a few weeks after sharing their experience being stranded in an airport for nine hours, the couple opened up about how they felt after seeing some social media users claim they were lying. 

“I was really confused when I saw these really angry comments on my post,” Shepard recalled on the Aug. 14 episode of his “Armchair Expert” podcast, “because I can’t figure out what makes someone mad about that story.”

Bell then jumped in to explain, “You’re treating everyone like they have the emotional capacity you have. A lot of people just get on the internet and google angry, mad stuff. So it was just anything.” 

In fact, the “Parenthood” actor, who documented their prolonged stay at Boston Logan International Airport, called out some of the comments that stuck out to him the most.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are getting honest about their family’s travel nightmare.

“My favorite one was, ‘No hotel up to your standards,'” Shepard said. “I was just like yet we’re sleeping on the floor.”

But Bell had some sound advice for her husband of 10 years. “You have to stop trying to prove things to people because it happens everywhere,” the 43-year-old admitted. “It happens to every single person no matter how known you are. You just have to ignore them because they are not on your level.”

As “The Good Place” star added, “People suffer from outrage addiction.”

The airport saga began after Bell and Shepard — along with their two daughters Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 8 — were headed back after a visit with friends in Martha’s Vineyard.

“We found out the flight was delayed an hour, then it was announced it was going to be delayed again,” the 48-year-old continued on the podcast. “Apparently there was bad weather in Providence where our plane is leaving from to come pick us up in Boston so everything is grounded in Providence. It gets delayed five hours, and then the plane arrives and we are watching our bags get loaded into the plane so we get pretty optimistic.”

But lo and behold, the plane then had to be checked for a mechanical issue. When it was clear the aircraft wasn’t departing that night, the “Chips” star and “Veronica Mars” alum needed a backup plan.

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“There was not any place to sleep within 50 miles of the airport,” Bell shared. “And there are hotels about 50 miles away at night.”

Shepard noted, “Coming back in the morning is a two hour commute,” to which his wife replied, “and we’ve got eight people. We have to take two rooms.”

The pair tried to make the best out of it.

Bell recounted, “We were like, ‘Girls, we are sleeping at the airport!’ So we had to buy everyone a little neck pillow and blanket and it was not cheap, it was 35 dollars a piece.”

Shepard posted a clip to Instagram July 27, showing Bell setting up blankets and pillows on the airport floor for the night. Bell took to her own Instagram Stories to share a picture of herself brushing her teeth and completing her nighttime routine in the airport bathroom.

However, shortly after, the group was told they couldn’t stay at the airport overnight and headed to a friend of a friend’s house.

As for why they shared the experience with their followers? For the pair, it was simply a fun travel story.

“The thing I got worried about when it got on the news is I would hate for people to think we were upset or complaining about the experience,” Shepard said. “I just thought it was novel and funny.”

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