Furious furries fight back after busting man filming them on beach

They strayed from the wolf pack and into a dogpile.

A scuffle amongst furies amid a seaside meet-up in California was caught on camera after a man who was recording them without consent refused to leave.

The altercation reportedly broke out at Huntington Beach on Saturday, according to a video posted on Twitter.

In the 17-second-long clip posted by @doginreal, a man is seen filming a group of cartoonish animal costumes — who were gathered as part of a Sunset Beach Bonfire “furmeet” — pointing his phone at one member in particular who in turn warned the intruder to leave.

Soon, the outsider, sporting a grey cap, black t-shirt and blue jeans, holds his phone right up to the face of a furry in a black wolf costume.

Screenshot person in wolf costume with megaphone and man wearing jeans and cap holding phone.
The scuffle broke out on a Californian beach on Saturday.
Screenshot person in wolf costume with megaphone and man wearing jeans and cap holding phone.
It’s not certain why the fight broke out.

With a megaphone up to his mouth, the fetishist begins to demand that the onlooker “leave or we will make you leave,” which fails to deter the filmmaker.

The furry is then heard saying, “You can let go of this,” as he gives the gawker a bonk on his head with the loudspeaker.

It was at that moment a plain-dressed accomplice attempted to enter the fluffy kerfuffle and defend the cameraman, at the same time as a fellow furry threw their support behind the canine cosplayer — and a sandy tussle ensued.

Gob-smacked witnesses in the background watched in disbelief, with a few seen bargaining to break up the brawl.

The short clip didn’t detail how the rumble erupted, but some creative commenters surmised that the provocateur was a scorned ex-lover of one of the furry participants.

The Post has contacted Huntington Beach Police Department for comment.

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