A California ‘Furmeet’ event turned into a beach brawl after a pirate furry hit a man with a megaphone.

Furry meetups can be one of the wildest events to go to with members of the community often dressing up as anthropomorphic versions of animals.

While these aren’t normally problematic, a baffling incident took place on August 12 during the California Sunset Beach Bonfire ‘Furmeet,’ when a pirate furry got into a fight with another man in attendance.

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In a series of videos making rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, and TikTik, a guy in a pirate furry outfit got into a man’s face while screaming into a megaphone telling him to leave. When the man didn’t the furry unleashed his fury by smacking him with the megaphone.

Context time. This is my own writing, not for any org.The guy who got thwacked was Renn. He’s known to be a chud, but he’s not a nazi. That title belongs to his boyfriend, Skaard. Unfortunately, I knew them both very well. I hosted a meet with them for about 1.5 years(?) 1/ https://t.co/YQj1TElDxT

— ✨SerahTheLioness, Princess of Gender✨ (@SerahTheLioness) August 13, 2023

“Paw Patrol” tackles pirate furry for hitting man with megaphone

After attacking the man, identified by ‘Serah The Lioness’ as ‘Renn’ twice with the megaphone, others in attendance intervened and swarmed the pirate furry.

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“The guy who got thwacked was Renn. He’s known to be a chud,” the proclaimed ‘Princess of Gender’ explained on X.

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According to Serah, the pirate furry wanted Renn and his boyfriend Skaard kicked out and that there had been some previous altercations between the men and the rest of the community in the past.

Eventually, the pirate furry was grabbed by police, dubbed “Paw Patrol” and in the process was tackled onto the sandy beach. Outkick reports that the megaphone-wielding man ended up being arrested over the incident.


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This isn’t the first time grown men in costumes got into a heated fight. Earlier in 2023, men dressed as Mario, Spider-Man and Black Panther fought after a dispute at a tourist attraction in Brazil.

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