Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

As the sun set on August 13, Young & Restless star Eric Braeden took to Facebook to speak directly with his fans. “The reason I want to talk to you tonight is I want to tell you I’m grateful [for] all of your good thoughts and your prayers,” he began. “It’s meant a great deal to me, and I can tell it obviously has helped, because I had my last cystoscopy two days ago — that’s when they thread a camera into your bladder — and I’m cancer-free.

“They couldn’t find a damn thing,” he added. “Isn’t that nice?”

In fact, it’s beyond nice. But the Emmy winner who plays Victor Newman isn’t quite done with his treatment. “This does not mean that it is all over,” he explained. “I need to still do about three prophylactic infusions. It’s called a BCG treatment. That means they infuse your bladder with some stuff that apparently kills the cancer…

“The original surgeon did a great job getting the cancer out,” he continued. “But I needed the treatment because there were some high-grade cancer cells left… in the cancer that he removed.”

Once Braeden gets the results of an MRI to confirm that the cancer had not spread, “I should be free for a while,” he said. All he’ll have to do is get tested occasionally, in case the cancer returns, “to find the damn thing early and fight it.”

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