What the Hollywood Strikes Are Costing the Studios

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There are some numbers you just can’t hide during earnings season

Image of Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix and Paramount logos surrounded by falling money (Photo Credit: TheWrap)

Ever since the WGA strike began in early May, there have been two questions haunting Hollywood: When will these strikes be over? And how much is this costing?

The answer to the first question will depend on negotiations between the WGA, SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP. As for the financial toll, it’s already been estimated that California’s economy lost $3 billion due to the strikes. But now, thanks to the conclusion of earnings season, the studios and streamers have shed a bit of light on just how much the work stoppage is costing them.

Or rather, not costing them. In some cases, the companies are experiencing a short-term financial benefit, since they don’t have to lay out money for halted productions.

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