WGA and AMPTP Are Apparently Inching Forward in Strike Negotiations

WGA strike picket line

People picket outside of Paramount Pictures studios during the Hollywood writers strike on May 4, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: David McNew (Getty Images)

It’s been over 100 days now that Writers Guild of America members have been striking for a fair contract in Hollywood—and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is finally, seemingly, willing to negotiate. According to Deadline, the two groups are scheduled to talk again today, following up on last Friday’s meeting.

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The trade specifies the meeting is over Zoom, not in person, and that the purpose is for the WGA to respond to the AMPTP’s counterproposal of August 11. And there’s a gleam of hope: “Sources tell us that by the end of today, we’re bound to have further clarity on talks, the vital points being about viewership-based streaming residuals, pay raises, AI and the preservation of the writers room … One of the deal points believed to be offered by studios is ensuring that screenplay writers are paid a revision fee upfront with their main fee, before a revision is made.”

Of course, “clarity” doesn’t mean a deal is getting close, but it’s closer than it was during the period the AMPTP wouldn’t meet with the WGA at all.

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