Shah Rukh Khan Returns to His Romantic Roots in New ‘Jawan’ Video

The King of Romance returns to the big screen this September.

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The Big Picture

  • Shah Rukh Khan’s latest song “Chaleya” from the movie Jawan proves that romance will always be a part of his DNA, even after stepping away from romantic films.
  • Despite the romantic theme of the song, Jawan appears to be a complex film, leaving audiences curious and excited for its release on September 7.
  • The music video for “Chaleya” showcases Khan effortlessly displaying his classic romantic side, while Jawan’s overall identity and plot remain a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding the film

The unilateral sound of hearts breaking could be heard all over the globe when Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan announced he would no longer make romantic films. Last year, the actor celebrated three decades of his career in Indian cinema, at which point he declared that he would be stepping away from the genre because he feels “too old” for it. Leaving an illustrious legacy behind him, Khan is widely hailed the “King of Romance” courtesy of his stunning work in the space.

Formalizing his departure from the genre, Khan reclaimed his box office throne with his first full foray in the action genre with Pathaan. His second project of the year Jawan, a thriller epic, is set to take that one step further with Khan taking on yet another role unlike ever before. Whilst he may be comfortable stepping away from his three-decade back catalog, Khan has proven romance will remain in his DNA forever with the latest song from the film, “Chaleya,” which roughly translates to “I’m headed towards you.”

The ballad, voiced by beloved Indian singers Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao, oozes classic romance with the 80s theming across the music video, bringing its essence to life. The song is a pure declaration of love with lyrics including: “The world has been forgotten, I left the world for you, bound my heart with yours, now I have become yours.” In the video, Khan takes center stage with his signature flowing locks, as he follows Nayanthara through changing winds and flowy dresses, sunrises and sunsets making for the perfect backdrop for wooing. Khan is seen effortlessly maneuvering through his classic romantic moves as he proclaims his love loudly and proudly. Meanwhile, Nayanthara is the perfect old Bollywood heroine as she sashays into Khan’s arms seamlessly.

Image via Red Chillies Entertainment

Jawan’s Identity is Still Very Much Under Wraps

The video sits in stark contrast with everything we’ve seen from Jawan thus far. At present, all we know is that Jawan captures Khan as a former soldier embarking on his own path for justice with much deliberation over his identity and whether he plays more into to the good or the bad. Meanwhile, Nayanthara appears to be some sort of special agent with her hands normally on a glock and eyes on both Jawan and Vijay Sethupathi‘s underworld-esque character. Beyond that, details for the film have been offered sparingly.

Interestingly, both Khan and Nayanthara’s characters in Jawan’s latest music video are a far cry from who we’ve seen them as thus far. At first glance, Jawan looks to be somewhat unhinged and disconnected from reality – or at least that’s what he wants people to think and Nayanthara looks like she sits on the other side of justice. Whether their tale is less romantic and more calculated or simply enemies to lovers at its finest is very much to be determined.

If anything is clear, Jawan is shaping up to be more complex by the day with so many nuances and narratives that just don’t add up yet – making for a particularly exciting watch. Jawan arrives in theaters on September 7. You can watch the music video for “Chaleya” below.

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