Reported Reason Why CM Punk Doesn’t Want Christopher Daniels At AEW Collision

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CM Punk‘s post-show comments regarding Hangman Page have opened the floodgates of information over the last 48 hours.

Reports have emerged from various outlets regarding CM Punk having talents kept away from AEW Collision in recent weeks. Reported names include Hangman Page, Matt Hardy, and others. But we now have more information on why Punk has kept Christopher Daniels and Ryan Nemeth away from Collision.

Haus of Wrestling is reporting that Daniels and Nemeth not being at Collision stems from previous issues with Punk.

Hausman states that Daniels’ role in the All Out post-show altercation last year as an agent has led to Punk not wanting him at the show. Punk argues that if Ace Steel can’t be there, Daniels shouldn’t be either.

As for Ryan Nemeth, Hausman confirmed previous reports that his tweet about CM Punk earlier this year, calling him the “softest man alive,” landed him in hot water with “real world champion.” Punk is reportedly not looking for any backstage drama at Collision. However, his recent actions as of late now coming out publicly will most likely have the opposite effect.

Regarding the reports on Hangman and Matt Hardy, Hausman couldn’t confirm that Punk had any involvement with them not being at the show. Hausman was told that Punk’s post-show comments on Page didn’t come across how he wanted them to and felt bad about it afterward.

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What do you make of this latest report? Do you think it sounds like CM Punk has way too much power in the AEW Collision locker room? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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