Red, White, & Royal Blue: Best Quotes, Ranked

Based on the novel by Casey McQuiston, Red, White & Royal Blue is a delightful romantic comedy that debuted on Prime Video on August 11, 2023. The story fuses romance, culture clash, and a comedy of manners when a British Prince and the son of the American President fall head over heels in love.

Despite hewing to the tried and true rom-com formula, Red, White & Royal Blue has received glowing reviews for its irresistible cast and its endless litany of witty quotes, quips, comebacks, zingers, and unforgettable one-liners. Without further ado, here are the best quotes in Red, White & Royal Blue.

10 “They need me to be realistic so they can be idealistic.” – Ellen Claremont

Ellen stands by the U.S. flag in Red, White & Royal Blue
Prime Video

In the movie, Ellen Claremont is the first female U.S. president. Her son Alex is an idealistic romantic who falls in love with Prince Henry in the U.K. The difference between Ellen’s pragmatism and Alex’s hopefulness is articulated in a succinct diatribe that also underscores the weight of Ellen’s professional role as a leader.

Ellen begins by stating, “I was 28 when I was elected to the state legislature. I had 150,000 constituents. Now I have 300 million. They need me to be realistic so they can be idealistic.” Aside from Uma Thurman’s commanding delivery, the powerful quote helps Alex realize that he needs to strike a balance between being responsible and optimistic in his romantic endeavors in order to be happy.

9 “Sometimes you just got to jump, hope you’re not standing on a cliff.” – Oscar Diaz

Oscar smiles in Red, White & Royal Blue
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In between the hilarious quips in the genuinely funny romantic comedy, nuggets of heartfelt truth are often expressed by the parental figures in the movie. For example, Alex’s father Oscar knows exactly when to playfully tease his son and when to offer wise advice. In one instance, Oscar encourages Alex to follow his heart even when things look scary and uncertain.

By supporting his son’s romantic desires even when his own lifestyle couldn’t be further from British royalty, Oscar gives Alex the inspiration he needs to put his anxieties and hesitations behind him and follow his heart. It’s a tender moment between father and son that also starkly opposes the comedic chemistry between Alex and Ellen and stands out as a turning point for Alex’s quest for love.

8 “When the revolution happens, it will be because of this wedding.” – Prince Henry

Henry and Beatrice walk in Red, White & Royal Blue
Prime Video

Due to his noble upbringing, Prince Henry is a bit more staid and stuffy than Alex. He loosens up over time but spends much of the movie in a state of worry as the wedding threatens to overtake the entire kingdom. In one of the funniest exchanges, Henry laments the pomp and circumstance of the lavish wedding and its enormous cost and pokes fun at the situation.

After stating the above line, Henry’s sister Beatrice pushes back and blurts, “Shut up, Henry, get into the spirit of things.” Henry retorts by saying, “The cake alone costs $75,000 pounds. They practically had to break the doors down to get it inside.” When Alex wonders how many families the cost of the cake could have fed, Henry offers the hysterical rebuttal, “Probably not as many as if we put your shoes on auction.” Playful banter like this makes the couple so easy to root for.

7 “…And I once saw Mitch McConnell eating a banana.” – Zahra Bankston

Zahra sits with Alex and Ellen in Red, White & Royal Blue
Prime Video

In the acclaimed Prime Original movie, Zahra Bankston is President Claremont’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Despite her dignified profession, Zahra has the funniest, foul-mouthed quotes in the entire movie, showing zero regard for the decorum of the office or the kingdom. The way she rudely and crudely interacts with Alex, Henry, and Ellen is comedic gold.

When Alex asks if Henry is set to receive a fact sheet detailing his personal history, Zahra says, “Yes. And I can assure you it was one of the most depressing moments of my career. And I once saw Mitch McConnell eating a banana.” Insulting Alex is funny enough, but the image of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell eating a banana takes the quote over the top.

6 “My life is the Crown and yours is politics, and I will not trade one prison for another.” – Prince Henry

Alex and Henry hold hands on a sofa in Red, White & Royal Blue
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One of the movie’s themes is Prince Harry’s desire to be anonymous. He would much rather live freely as an unknown person rather than bear the responsibility of bearing a royal bloodline, something he weighs as he becomes involved with Alex.

In a dramatic moment that perfectly crystallizes Henry’s feelings, he equates both U.S. and British governments with a prison he wishes to avoid at all costs. For a movie dependent on witty banter and harmless barbs, it’s trenchant quotes like this one that make viewers stop, think, and understand what motivates Henry deep down. In the end, fusing the British Crown and U.S. politics through marriage ends up liberating the couple, not imprisoning them.

5 “If anyone sees you leave this hotel, I will Brexit your head from your body. Your Royal Highness.” – Zahra Bankston

Zahra talks on the phone in Red, White & Royal Blue
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At one point, the standout rom-com sidekick Zahra catches Alex and Henry after spending the night together. She scrambles to do damage control before the public finds out, leading to arguably the funniest quote in the movie. Zahra berates Henry, stating, “And you, little Lord F**kleroy, get your a** back to merry old England right now. I want you chewing a godd*mn crumpet by sunset.”

If that was funny enough, Zahra doubles down and declares, “If anybody sees you leave this hotel, I will Brexit your head from your body.” Using the term “Brexit” as a verb to decapitate someone is flagrantly funny and actress Sarah Shahi nails the delivery. Punctuating the verbal missive with the sarcastic farewell, “Your Royal Highness” adds to the hilarity.

4 “You better act like the sun shines out of his a** and you have a vitamin D deficiency.” – Zahra Bankston

Alex and Zahra face off in Red, White & Royal Blue
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When Alex and Henry first meet, an air of competition keeps them at bay until they learn more about each other. To maintain healthy public relations between the U.S. and England, Zahra implores Alex to be as kind and friendly to Henry as can be. Never shy about her language, Zahra blurts the line above with conviction and will not take “no” for an answer.

Beyond the sexual innuendo viewers will surely catch, the quote further underscores Zahra’s irreverence. Watching and hearing Zahra speak so colorfully while working for such esteemed dignitaries gets to the heart of her character. But deep down, Zahra has both Alex’s and Ellen’s best interests at heart even when her speech indicates the opposite.

3 “My NDA is bigger than yours. I just want you to know that.” – Alex Claremont-Diaz

Alex and Henry stand together outdoors in Red, White & Royal Blue
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When Alex and Henry first meet-cute in the rom-com, the two begin bonding through their competitive arrogance. This opens a line of witty communication and allows them to poke harmless fun at each other. At one point, Alex declares, “My NDA is bigger than yours, I want you to know that,” referring to the Non-Disclosure Agreement they signed at the start of their budding friendship.

Following Alex’s steamy innuendo, Henry instantly takes the wind out of his sails with the rebuttal, “You’re wearing lifts. I know that too, sweetheart.” The hilarious retort perfectly illustrates the warm chemistry Alex and Henry have in the movie. By taking Alex down a peg, Henry helps his eventual groom foster a sense of humility.

2 “You need to figure out if you feel forever about him. Do you love him?” – Ellen Claremont

Alex and Ellen embrace on a sofa in Red, White & Royal Blue
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While it often seems as though President Claremont is too busy with her political duties to give her son shrewd advice, in the moment of truth, she is there to offer her love and support. For instance, when Alex wonders if Henry is his true soul mate, Ellen gets incredibly candid and makes him confront his deepest feelings.

It’s incredibly unique to hear someone ask if they “feel forever” about someone. Yet, when Ellen asks Alex, the audience knows exactly what she means and waits with bated breath for his response. Beyond the brilliant originality of the quote, the timing of it marks a crucial turning point for Alex to make a decision about his future.

1 “We can figure out a way to love each other on our own terms. It’s like there’s a rope attached to my chest, and it keeps pulling me towards you.” – Alex Claremont-Diaz

Alex smears cake on Henry's shoulder in Red, White & Royal Blue
Prime Video

When Henry feels trapped by his royal upbringing and his inability to be himself as a result, he expresses doubt over his future with Alex. However, Alex cheers Henry up by stating, “We can figure out how to love each other on our own terms,” an incredibly romantic and supportive statement that becomes even weepier moments later.

Indeed, the most memorable quote in the stellar movie adaptation of a book written by a woman comes when Alex bears his soul and confesses, “It’s like there’s a rope attached to my chest, and it keeps pulling me toward you.” After all the bluster and bravado the two demonstrated, Alex makes overt references to how his relationship with Henry has tugged at his heartstrings in ways that have changed their lives forever.

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