Rapper Lil Tay’s fake death gives rise to mystery crypto tokens

Amidst false reports of rapper Lil Tay’s death, the crypto realm sees the baffling rise of two “LilTay” tokens, sparking intrigue and speculation.

The sudden appearance of two crypto tokens named “LilTay” has intrigued and confused the crypto community. 

With one on the BNB Chain and another on the Ethereum (ETH) platform, the situation is rife with speculation and cautionary tales. 

The stage was set with a false death report of 14-year-old rapper Lil Tay, whose real name is Tay Tien. A now-deleted Instagram post claimed her death.

However, it was later clarified that a third-party compromised her account.

I don’t know how true this is but this was posted from a different account the brother made claiming that the parents don’t want them in the public eye anymore and took away social media accounts pic.twitter.com/GAvYhn7Ab6

— £ (@toxiccox01) August 10, 2023

Lil Tay tokens create a mess

The BNB Chain version of the Lil Tay token, with a limited supply of just over 100 tokens, has yet to be traded. The team behind this token remains unknown, leading to various speculations.

Lil Tay Crypto Token ‘LilTay’ Emerges on BNB Chain Amidst False Reports on Rapper’s Death. False reports about the death of internet-famous 14-year-old rapper Lil Tay have triggered the emergence of an unofficial crypto token named “LilTay” on the BNB Chain. pic.twitter.com/0GQw2ocPtz

— Super Coin (@supercoin_2077) August 14, 2023

Some believe that crypto enthusiasts may have sought to capitalize on the media hype surrounding the alleged death, while others see it as a tribute to the young influencer. 

The truth remains shrouded in mystery, and the limited supply adds to the intrigue. The lack of trading and the silence from the creators have only fueled the speculation further.

Harry Tsang, Lil Tay’s ex-manager, has been developing an Ethereum-based “Lil Tay Token” for months. He has clarified that this token is unrelated to the BNB Chain version.

Tsang’s involvement in the Ethereum token adds a layer of legitimacy to the project. He has been sharing development updates long before the fake death scandal, emphasizing the project’s ongoing development.

Tsang has warned fans against potential scams involving Lil Tay. He clarified that no official launch had taken place on BNB Chain. 

The Liltay Token’s Twitter account has also cautioned followers.

Sharing this to let everybody know that we will not be launching anything soon. We’ve been in development for 4-5 months now.

If anybody is reaching out to you for money saying they’re involved with $liltay it’s not true.

If you see another token/coin with liltay it’s a scam.

— Liltay Token (@LiltayToken) August 10, 2023

Celebrity-inspired tokens: a trend with risks

Creating tokens or meme coins inspired by celebrities or real-world events is not new. After PayPal’s announcement of PYUSD Stablecoin, fake PYUSD tokens flooded the Ethereum blockchain

Similarly, the BALD meme coin, believed to be linked to FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, delivered massive losses to investors.

Meme coins like Dogecoin have gained immense popularity, offering exponential returns for early investors. But with success comes imitation; not all imitations are created with good intentions. The Lil Tay tokens serve as a reminder of the need for caution and due diligence.

Lil Tay token’s future

The Lil Tay crypto controversy is a complex tale that reflects the broader challenges and opportunities in the crypto world. 

Whether driven by opportunism, tribute, or a well-planned project, these tokens highlight the importance of due diligence and caution.

In a world where hype can quickly turn into heartache, the Lil Tay tokens are a stark reminder that not everything that glitters in the crypto world is gold. 

As Tsang wisely put it, the situation calls for “cautious consideration” and a discerning eye that looks beyond the surface. 

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