Out Of SciFi: China claims its military has discovered a way to make laser guns that can fire indefinitely

China is claiming that its military now has the potential to weaponise laser that can shoot down orbiting satellites, as well as hit distant targets on land. The Chinese military claims that it has found a groundbreaking way to ensure lasers guns can fire indefinitely

The Chinese military has shared a potential big advancement in energy weapon technology, though it needs to be confirmed. According to the South China Morning Post, experts from the National University of Defence Technology in China claim they’ve created an advanced cooling system.

This system could keep high-energy lasers running continuously without overheating issues. While lasers have been around for a while, these powerful beams usually produce a lot of extra heat, causing problems for past attempts at similar weapons globally. Because of the heat issues, it has been not possible to make viable weapons that fire laser beams.

With this breakthrough though, feasible laser weapons might become a reality afterall.

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China’s new laser weapon
Reportedly, the new cooling system developed in China will use gas that flows through the weapon to dissipate excess heat. This advancement would enable the weapons to fire accurate laser beams continuously, without losing power or becoming disintegrating.

The research team stated in a recent paper published in the Chinese journal Acta Optica Sinica, “High-quality beams can be produced not only in the first second but also maintained indefinitely.”

A new arms race in the making
While the United States has also explored similar technologies, these projects have not gained widespread use as they were not potent enough, according to the report.

Former British military official Steve Weaver tweeted that if the claims about the Chinese cooling technology are true, it could establish China’s superiority over the United States in multiple aspects, especially considering previous U.S. setbacks in this field.

Likely to be used to shoot down satellites
In addition to potentially offering a less expensive alternative to traditional missile systems, since it wouldn’t require conventional munitions, these advanced lasers might have the capability to intercept satellites like those from Elon Musk’s Starlink system, military experts told the SCMP.

It’s important to approach these claims with caution until the system’s performance is seen inthe real world, or at lest in tests, especially given the previous uncertainties about new weapons in China.

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