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During this past weekend’s Outside Lands festival, held once again in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Golden Gate Park, Live 105 host Dallas got a chance to catch up with Noah Kahan and Lovejoy to discuss the atmosphere of the fest and what’s currently in the works from both artists.

LISTEN NOW: Noah Kahan at Outside Lands 2023

Getting right into the dirt with Noah Kahan, who recently revealed some on-stage secrets in his backstage Lollapalooza chat (including that he had s*** himself onstage in Charlottesville, VA), the singer says there’s actually an entirely different show going on within his team.

Noah explains how his crew has a separate channel that he can’t hear in his ears on stage that consists of an audio feed of his backstage crew making fun of his outfits and what he’s saying on stage, and even discussing sports scores. “It feels like I uncovered some deep conspiracy theory,” he admits. “They’re very careful to cover up their misdoings,” he adds. Now, after being kept in the dark about the channel for six years, he’s insisted on being invited to the party. “I don’t want to feel left out of any potential bond-forming social content.”

LISTEN NOW: Lovejoy at Outside Lands 2023

U.K. indie rockers Lovejoy traveled their way across the pond for Outside Lands this year, and stopped by to chat with Dallas right after their debut performance. With plenty of time to take in the sights and sounds afterwards, the band members each agreed that they would be running, not walking the mile or so across the grounds to catch the Foo Fighters‘ headlining set. Frontman William Gold (Wilbur Soot) says he witnessed the Foos’ arrival “with like 12 police officers flanking them,” which made him believe “something [was] going down” with the band that night (and as fans know, the Foo Fighters brought out Michael Bublé during their set).

While still a relatively “new” band, Will says although he had been “reared by the behemoth beast of the Internet” and should know better than to look at comments, he says he finds them useful to get a “vibe” of what people think. “But no,” he says, “I don’t extensively read all my comments. It’s like pandora’s box.”

Listen to the full chats with Noah Kahan and Lovejoy above, and stay tuned for more conversations with your favorite artists right here on Audacy.

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