Multiple AEW stars laying low to avoid being on CM Punk’s “enemies list” – Reports

AEW star CM Punk is one of the biggest names in the company, and it’s not a surprise to see why. However, according to the latest reports, some wrestlers do not want to be on his “enemies list.”

When Punk was sidelined from action due to an injury and an alleged suspension after a brawl at All Out last year, many fans thought it would be the last straw in his AEW career. However, that did not turn out to be the case.

According to PWTorch (via WrestleOps), when the former WWE Champion returned earlier this year, Tony Khan was so over the moon that he stood in a ‘gorilla position’ backstage and chanted CM Punk.

The report also stated that there is a feeling backstage that some of the wrestlers should lay low and not get in Punk’s bad books. The outlet suggests that there is a feeling among stars who are “not in a position of power” that they do not want to be on Punk’s “enemies list.”

This comes on the back of some other controversies surrounding the AEW star. It was previously reported that Ryan Nemeth was also confronted by Punk during Collision and was sent home thereafter.

Tony Khan weighs in on CM Punk’s comments on Adam Page

After AEW Collision went off the air last week, CM Punk took the mic and cut a rather controversial promo where he took a shot at ‘Hangman’ Adam Page and called him a “peg warmer.”

Naturally, that created a buzz among fans and peers alike, and Tony Khan was asked to give his opinion on what CM Punk had to say on the Battleground podcast.

He did not directly address the situation during an appearance on the Battleground podcast and only stated that Collision was a great show.

“No, not really. I thought it was a great show on Saturday night. I don’t have any further comment to that, but I’m glad people are still very interested in our wrestlers and what’s happening after the wrestling shows. We’ll try to have a couple of great shows this week, and certainly, there has been a lot of interest in what’s happening in AEW in it and out of the ring.”

It is clear that Tony Khan views CM Punk as one of his biggest stars, but will that affect his relationship with the other wrestlers? Only time will tell.

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