Details on CM Punk’s backstage altercation with AEW star revealed – Reports

It’s no secret that CM Punk has rubbed more than a few members of the AEW locker room the wrong way. While some have managed to keep their issues with the Second City Saint behind closed doors, others have not been so lucky. A recent report from Fightful Select details a backstage altercation Punk had with a fellow star shortly after he returned to Tony Khan’s promotion.

One of the latest in a long list of CM Punk’s real-life adversaries is the brother of WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, Ryan Nemeth. The tension between the two stems from a tweet Nemeth put out shortly after Punk’s return, where the Hollywood Hunk labeled the Straight-Edge Superstar the “softest man alive.”

As expected, Punk did not take this lying down. According to Fightful Select, the former AEW World Champion confronted Nemeth backstage at a Dynamite taping in Chicago.

Per the report, the two removed themselves from the locker room and proceeded to converse in the hallway. There, Nemeth allegedly claimed that his tweet was posted with the intention of garnering heat, whereas Punk believed that he was trying to get in The Elite’s good graces.

Punk then asked Nemeth to cut his antics because “tensions were high and they were trying to move on.”

CM Punk reportedly got Ryan Nemeth barred from AEW Collision

While the backstage altercation between CM Punk and Ryan Nemeth did not turn physical, their issues were seemingly enough to get the Hollywood Hunk barred from AEW Collision tapings.

According to several reports, multiple AEW stars have been slated for Collision appearances only to have these plans change at the last minute. Nemeth has reportedly been on the receiving end of this.

Haus of Wrestling has since confirmed that Nemeth’s tweet and subsequent interaction with Punk is the reason why he has been sent home from Collision tapings. Punk allegedly feels as though Nemeth’s willingness to unnecessarily stir up drama would create tension backstage.

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