Details About Angus Cloud’s Death Are Trickling Out, Possibly Pointing To The Cause

HBO is known for quality TV, but a few shows have become bonafide sensations. Euphoria is definitely in that category, with the cast becoming household names and Zendaya winning an Emmy for her role. It’s for this reason that so many were shocked and saddened when breakout star Angus Cloud died at just 25 years old. The generations of fans are still processing this passing weeks later, and some details about Cloud’s death are trickling out. And they may point to the cause.

In the past few weeks plenty of tributes have rolled in about Angus Cloud, including messages from his Euphoria co-stars like Sydney Sweeney. But the public has also been curious about the circumstances that lead to his passing. TMZ has learned some new information, namely that he didn’t write a suicide note prior to his death. And as such, it doesn’t seem like his death was intentional, perhaps indicating that it was an accidental overdose.

Shortly after Cloud’s death earlier in August, his mother Lisa Cloud wrote a Facebook post in an attempt to clear up the discourse surrounding the tragedy. She claimed it wasn’t suicide, and assumed an accidental overdose occurred after he took unknown substances. And now that seems supported by TMZ’s latest report. An excerpt from Lisa Cloud’s post reads:

When we hugged goodnight we said how much we loved each other and he said he would see me in the morning. I don’t know if or what he may have put in his body after that. I only know that he put his head on the desk where he was working on art project’s, fell asleep and didn’t wake up. We may find out that he overdosed accidentally and tragically, but it’s abundantly clear that he did not intend to check out of this world.

While Angus Cloud’s death is tragic regardless of circumstance, it might be comforting for fans to know that he seemingly didn’t take his own life. Said fans have been re-watching Euphoria on Max, which now features a tribute to the late actor. We’ll just have to wait and see if more information trickles out from the authorities. 

Part of the reason why Cloud’s passing hit the public so hard was because of the themes of Euphoria. The show’s main character Rue is an addict, and the show is in many ways a cautionary tale about the dangers of drug use. Angus Cloud plays her friend and dealer Fezco, who harbors guilt about helping her get addicted in the first place.

Cloud’s work on Euphoria can be streamed now with a Max subscription. He’s also got a few posthumous projects coming out that were filmed prior to his passing. Our thoughts are with his loved ones and fans at this difficult time. 

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