CM Punk Wasn’t Just “Being A Heel” As He Took Aim At Adam Page

CM Punk on AEW Collision

The problems between CM Punk and Adam Page show little sign of going away.

The well-publicised issues between Hangman Adam Page and CM Punk once again came to the fore following the August 12th episode of Collision. Once the show went off the air, Punk cut a promo thanking fans for attending, and threw in a shot at Page for good measure, seemingly in reaction to a sign in the crowd.

Punk’s shot at Page was about his merchandise not selling, referring to the former World Champion as a “peg warmer” because no one buys his action figures.

It has since come to light that Page was actually set to be at the event to do a pre-tape, although he wouldn’t have appeared on-screen. However, when he got to the building, he was told they needed to go somewhere else to do the video.

Once the comments from Punk began to circulate, some fans speculated that he was simply trying to be a heel, and the jabs were in character. However, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that Punk was actually trying to be a babyface, and the negative comments didn’t fit with everything else that was said.

“Afterwards, which did not end up there [on Twitter] he continued to thank all the fans that were there, the fans that were booing him, you know, that type of thing. So he was definitely trying to be a babyface, it was not an attempt to be a heel. Some people are thinking that this is some secret attempt and they are keeping it from everybody and that is not the case. Believe me, that is not the case.

I mean, some people are not going to believe me because they have to be smarter than everyone else. If anything, every time that Punk does something like this it makes things worse. In this case, what happened was there has been stuff that has been going on since day 1 and it has been kept pretty quiet. A lot of people really wanted to keep it quiet but, you know, it’s not quiet now because once he did that things started coming out.”

How Did The Problems Between CM Punk And Adam Page Start?

The issues between CM Punk and Adam Page began in the run-up to their match at Double or Nothing in 2022. Punk believes that Page went off-script to insult him, hinting that he’d been causing problems in the locker room, Punk later went off-script after returning from injury to call out Page despite him not being in the building.

Page was also one of Punk’s targets during the famous post-All Out press conference, although the star wasn’t involved in the scuffle which occurred later that night.

Speaking ahead of his return to AEW in June, CM Punk said he was worried Page would try and hurt him during their match, commenting that it “poisoned everything.”

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