Claim To Fame Season 2 Episode 8: Prediction & Clues (Spoilers)

Claim to Fame season 2 kicked things off with a talent show and a dramatic elimination. Here are all the clues to the contestants’ identities so far.


  • In episode 8 of
    Claim to Fame
    season 2, J.R. incorrectly guessed Chris as Billy Idol’s celebrity relative, and was revealed to be Lil Nas X’s older brother.
  • So far, the identities of Carly (Tom Hanks’ niece), Travis (Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son), Jane (Dolly Parton’s niece), Shayne (Eddie Murphy’s daughter), Cole (Alicia Keys’ brother), Olivia (Jenny McCarthy’s niece), Hugo (President Jimmy Carter’s grandson) have been revealed.
  • The remaining four players are Chris, Gabriel, Karsyn, and Monay.

Hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, Claim to Fame season 2 brings together 12 A-list celebrity relatives who are hiding their identities from each other to win a $100,000 prize, but there are many clues to help figure out who they really are. In Claim to Fame season 2, episode 7, immunity was eliminated from the game. For the episode 8 game, the contestants played a game of celebrity trivia which was based on Six Degrees of Separation. The Claim to Fame season 2 contestants had to answer trivia questions and find the names of celebrities on stars.

Like musical chairs, there was one less star with the correct name in each round of the competition. Monay won the challenge, and walked away with clues that no one else had access to. The two players with the worst performances, J.R. and Gabriel were in the bottom 2. In addition to the challenge clues, the Clue Wall was updated for the second half of Claim to Fame season 2. However, some clues were totally meaningless. J.R. incorrectly guessed that Chris was related to Billy Idol, and was revealed to be Lil Nas X’s brother.

12 Carly

Carly Reeves from Claim to Fame, dressed in blue

During the Claim to Fame episode 1 Two Truths and a Lie segment, Carly revealed that her celebrity relative was her uncle, who’s a musician who won an Oscar. In her confessional, she admitted that he’s one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, who’s had a long career since the 1980s.

When the contestants first viewed the Clue Wall, Carly was worried because there was a model of a bench that looked exactly like the one from Forrest Gump. The contestants guessed Tom Hanks. Chris later connected the astronaut on the wall to Tom’s movie, Apollo 13,but Carly said it could be a Buzz Aldrin clue.

During the talent show, Carly went all out and sang, rapped, and danced to an original song she wrote. In the lyrics, she mentioned that her celebrity relative has been on TV, on Broadway, and in magazines. She said to look at her and her talent because, “it’s a hint for free.” At the end of the performance, she even twerked. Chris and Hugo noticed that Carly deflected when Tom Hanks was brought up. Because of this, when Hugo was chosen to be the guesser, he correctly guessed that she was related to Tom. Carly was revealed to be Tom Hanks’ niece.

11 Chris

Claim to Fame - Chris promotional photo

During episode 1, Chris shared that his celebrity relative received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the Claim to Fame talent show, he revealed that singing’s his main talent, which is also true of his family member, who’s a singer. He added that he looks a lot like him, and even sings like him. Chris sang and played guitar very well, but Carly thought he chose that as his talent to throw everyone off.

In Claim to Fame season 2, episode 2, Chris revealed that his celebrity relative was big in the 1970s. After Monay won the challenge, she pulled Chris’ Wine Room puzzle clue, which contained a puppy, a heart, a t-shirt, the letter “N,” an eye, a doll, the symbol for the word “in,” and then seven more t-shirt clues. They could be deciphered as “Puppy Love, Teen Idol, and In The Seventies.” These clues point to singer Donny Osmond, whom Chris resembles. “Puppy Love” was a hit song for Donny in the 1970s. Jane eventually incorrectly interpreted the clues, guessing that Chris was related to Elvis Presley. She was therefore eliminated.

In the episode 5 telephone challenge, Chris revealed that the limerick line, “promoted where betting is legal,” was his clue, because his celebrity relative has performed in Las Vegas for over 13 years. This is another confirmation that Chris is related to Donny. During the Claim to Fame episode 6 lie detector challenge, Chris’ fellow contestants asked him if his celebrity relative starred in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Chris responded nope. Next, they asked him if his relative was a teen idol in the ’70s, and he responded yes. They concluded by inquiring if his celebrity relative was a musician, and he said yes.

In the episode 7 challenge, Chris’ relative’s dossier revealed that he is 65, and was born in 1957 in Ogden, UT. He is 5’9″ and has kids. His known associates are Andy Williams, Weird Al Yankovic, and Andrew LLoyd [redacted]. He was last seen hanging out with his [redacted] in Vegas at [redacted]. His priors were an 11-year [redacted] residency wearing an amazing coloured dream coat, singing [redacted]. These clues all point to Donny. Donny and his sister, Marie had an 11-year residency in Las Vegas at Flamingo.

Donny performed on The Andy Williams Show, where the Osmonds got their start. He also appeared in Weird Al’s music video for his parody of “Ridin’,” titled “White & Nerdy.” The contestants were excited when they thought they figured out Chris’ celebrity relative’s true identity as Elton John. They used the colorful coat as a clue, but Gabriel realized that Joseph from the Bible has a coat of many colors. Donny starred in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Andrew Lloyd Webber on film. However, like Jane, they were wrong. Hugo guessed incorrectly, and he was revealed to be Jimmy Carter’s grandson.

In episode 8, Monay won Chris’ clue which read, “Derek Hough rose to fame on Dancing With The Stars, and was a featured dancer on season 9, the season that Chris’ relative won.” However, the contestants still were unable to figure out Chris’ celebrity relative. J.R. incorrectly guessed that he was related to Billy Idol, and was revealed to be Lil Nas X’s brother.

10 Cole

Claim to Fame - Cole promotional photo

There weren’t many clues revealed about Cole on Claim to Fame season 2, episode 1. He shared that his celebrity relative’s his father. For his talent, Chris spray-painted a canvas with the word “love.” In episode 2, Cole revealed that his family goes on snowboarding trips all the time. During the episode 4 statue challenge, Cole thought the giant piece of cheese might be his clue.

After Shayne’s episode 4 elimination, Monay revealed in her confessional that she and Shayne had been piecing together Cole’s clues. They used the Clue Wall’s diary and piano, and the fact that his relative might be a Grammy-winning musician to make a guess. Although Claim to Fame didn’t reveal who they thought his celebrity relative was, the clues point to singer Alicia Keys, who has a song called “Diary” from her hit album, The Diary of Alicia Keys. The piano keys could be a clue to her last name.

In episode 5, a page of sheet music was added to the Clue Wall, which confirmed to Monay that she was right about Cole being related to Alicia. She even thought that he looked like her. In the episode 5 telephone challenge, one of the limericks said, “he keyed a few bars,” which also referenced Alicia. Later in the episode, Monay revealed that Cole had said he has an ex-girlfriend who lives in London. She and Shayne knew that Alicia’s half-brother had dated British actress Emma Watson. In the end, Karsyn guessed Cole’s identity correctly, and he was revealed to be Alicia’s half-brother.

9 Gabriel

Claim to Fame - Gabriel promotional photo

During Two Truths and a Lie, Gabriel told his fellow contestants that his celebrity relative’s his brother. He said he’s an athlete, and posed like the Heisman trophy, which is a college football award. He also shared that his relative won an NAACP Award. In Gabriel’s confessional, he said he lied about his celebrity relative being an athlete. He added that this was the one time in his life that looking nothing like his celebrity relative was going to work in his favor. During the talent show, before Gabriel rapped, he told the cameras that he was excited to perform because he hadn’t in years.

In Claim to Fame season 2, episode 2, Gabriel’s relative’s birthplace was revealed to be San Diego, California. In episode 3, Gabriel revealed that his celebrity relative had bought bracelets as Valentine’s Day gifts, for four different women that he was dating at the same time. Gabriel had three clues revealed about him after his team lost the challenge. His headshot was enhanced with details, including a red and yellow star (which the contestants interpreted to mean Dallas), a pair of drumsticks, and a propeller hat.

During Claim to Fame episode 4, Gabriel’s teammates guessed the burger statue correctly. He said in his confessional that it might be his clue because it could represent Good Burger, the movie with Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Gabriel revealed to the audience that his brother was on Nickelodeon with Keenan and Kel.

In the episode 6 lie detector challenge, Gabriel continued to dupe his fellow contestants into thinking his celebrity relative played in the NFL. During Claim to Fame episode 7, Gabriel’s Wine Room clue was the only one left, so he and Chris had to reveal it. It had symbols of a mother pushing a baby carriage, the number 2, a greater-than sign, 10 babies, the ampersand, a drum, and a star.

Gabriel said in his confessional that anyone who has been paying attention to pop culture lately would figure out the young man who’s had baby after baby after baby. This clue, combined with drum star, points to actor, rapper, and host of The Masked Singer, Nick Cannon, who is the father of 12 children and the star of the movie Drumline. A baby doll and a drum were on the Clue Wall as well. He also appeared on Nickelodeon’s All That with Kenan and Kel.

In the episode 8 challenge, Gabriel was worried when he saw Mariah Carey’s name on one of the stars. This is because Nick was married to her from 2008-2016, although he didn’t explain it on the show. When Monay won Gabriel’s clue, she thought it was hers because it involved Kenan, who also worked with her dad on Saturday Night Live. It said, “Kenan Thompson was a cast member on the TV show All That along with Gabriel’s relative who joined the cast in the late 90’s.” In a conversation with J.R., Monay mentioned Nick’s name as a possibility.

8 Hugo

Hugo’s Two Truths and a Lie were that his celebrity relative’s his grandfather, an athlete who won a Nobel Prize. In his confessional, he admitted that he lied about him being an athlete. He shared that, at one point, his grandfather was the most powerful man in the world. For Hugo’s talent, he wanted to continue his strategy of making himself look more athletic, so people would believe that his grandfather is an athlete. Therefore, he lifted weights.

However, in episode 3, Jane revealed that Hugo had been in her back pocket since day 1. When Gabriel mentioned that someone might be related to a president, the contestants noticed the donkey on the Clue Wall, which represents the Democratic Party. Jane noticed the peanuts, which she thought could represent former president Jimmy Carter, who was a peanut farmer. She thought his two truths were that his celebrity relative was his grandfather, who won a Nobel Prize. However, Jane also had doubts because she thought Hugo was a little young to be the grandson of someone who was 98 years old.

When Chris won the Claim to Fame episode 4 statue challenge as team captain, he pulled Hugo’s clue in the Wine Room. The clue had a finger indicating the word “come,” the “&” symbol, a deer, the symbol for “in,” and a police chief. It then had the symbol for “who,” a farmer, and two crazy face emojis. Chris and Monay later figured out that the clue meant “Commander in Chief Who Farmed Nuts.” They knew that Jane was right from the first day, and Hugo really was related to former president Jimmy Carter.

During the episode 7 challenge, Hugo’s relative’s dossier revealed that his celebrity relative is 98 years old, and born in 1924 in Plains, GA. He is 5’10”, and has kids. His known associates are Elvis Presley, Barack Obama, and Willie [redacted]. He was last seen building [redacted] in the south. His priors were [redacted] of Georgia, [redacted] in U.S. Navy, and negotiating peace with [redacted].

These clues confirmed Hugo’s relation to President Carter, who has connections with Elvis, President Obama, and Willie Nelson. He also built houses for Habitat for Humanity and founded The Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. He was the governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975, and a Georgia state senator from 1963 to 1967.

In addition, President Carter served as a lieutenant in the United States Navy, and was awarded with four medals. As president, he attempted to mediate the Arab-Israeli conflict, which resulted in the Camp David Accords, which ended the war between Israel and Egypt. At the end of the episode, Hugo incorrectly guessed that Chris was Elton John’s relative, and he was revealed to be President Carter’s grandson.

7 Jane

Claim to Fame - Jane promotional photo

For her Two Truths and a Lie, Claim to Fame season 2 contestant Jane revealed that her celebrity relative is her father, a musician who won a Grammy Award. During the talent show, she played ukulele. Jane sang a song about Franklin being her favorite Jonas brother. In Claim to Fame episode 2, Jane came in last in the second round of the competition. It was revealed that her celebrity relative was born in 1946. In her confessional, Jane shared that she’s a mom, a performer, and has a psychology degree.

In Claim to Fame episode 3, when Jane heard about the “Puppy Love” clue, she immediately assumed that the clue, which Monay had pulled, was about her. This is because her celebrity relative’s first single on the charts was called “Puppy Love.” However, when Chris heard that “puppy” was part of the clue, he was certain that Monay had chosen his clue because it also described his celebrity relative.

After Jane’s team lost the episode 3 challenge, her headshot clues were revealed to be a parakeet, an orchid, and a blue-collar. Karsyn thought the clues revealed that Jane was related to legendary country singer Dolly Parton. She said the orchid meant Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, where Dolly might’ve played. She figured out that the collar was blue collar, which meant nine to five, which is a hot song of Dolly’s. Chris later told Gabriel that Dolly had pet parrots. When Jane incorrectly guessed that Chris was Elvis Presley’s relative, she was revealed to be Dolly’s niece, Jada Star.

6 J.R.

Claim to Fame - J.R. promotional photo

In episode 1, J.R. said that his celebrity relative is his brother. Later in the episode, he admitted in his confessional that he lied about his brother being in the NBA, as people always tell him that he resembles basketball player, Dwayne Wade. However, during the talent show, when J.R. attempted to showcase some basketball skills, he didn’t make any of the shots he took. He fell and tore ligaments in his foot.

In episode 2, J.R. came in second-to-last place in round one of the competition. Therefore, his celebrity relative’s birthplace was revealed. J.R.’s relative was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia. In episode 3, when J.R.’s team lost the challenge, his headshot clues were revealed to be a white chef’s hat and a blue pacifier. He was also wearing a jersey in the photograph.

In episode 5, the contestants began to realize that there were no basketball clues on the Clue Wall. J.R. had said in the Two Truths and a Lie segment that his brother was a singer with an NBA championship ring. His fellow competitors began to believe that he was related to a singer. Olivia suggested that maybe he’s related to rapper DaBaby because of the pacifier clue and the baby doll on the Clue Wall. Hugo also pointed out that J.R. often says that his relative became famous recently.

During episode 6, J.R. revealed in his confessional that in the middle of a concert, his celebrity relative ran off the stage. He apologized to the crowd because he had to go to the bathroom. However, when he told the story to Monay, he changed it, and said his relative was a basketball player. During the lie detector challenge, J.R.’s fellow contestants asked him if his celebrity relative has ever been in the NBA. He said nope. They followed that by asking if his celebrity relative is a professional rapper. He again said no, but Karsyn thought that he was lying.

When Gabriel won the episode 6 challenge, he decided to pull J.R.’s Wine Room puzzle clue. The clues were BIU (bold/italic/underline), an artist, the “who” symbol, a pointing finger, an old man, a town, and a road. Gabriel realized that the clue had nothing to do with basketball. Instead, J.R.’s relative was an artist. Gabriel deciphered the last part of the clue to say, “Old Town Road,” and thought maybe J.R. was related to Lil Nas X, who has a hit song with that title. He shared it with Chris, who confirmed what he thought the clue meant.

During Claim to Fame episode 7, Gabriel realized that the hat, horse, and boot on the Clue Wall most likely referred to J.R. He also saw a panini on the wall, which he said referenced Lil Nas X’s song, “Panini.” During the episode 7 challenge, J.R.’s celebrity relative’s dossier revealed that his celebrity relative was 23 and born in 1999 in Lithia Springs, GA. He is 6’1″.

J.R.’s celebrity relative’s known associates are [redacted] Harlow, Billy [redacted], and BTS. He was last seen at awards shows, killing it on the [redacted]. His priors were he was the first LGBT [redacted] to win a Country [redacted] Award, featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, [redacted] was number 1 on [redacted] longer than any other [redacted] in history. All of this points to Lil Nas X, who has collaborated with Jack Harlow, Billy Ray Cyrus, and BTS. He was the first openly LGBT artist to win a Country Music Award. His song “Old Town Road” spent a record-breaking 19 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

In episode 8, Monay won J.R.’s clue which read, “Nicki Minaj had a fan page called ‘Nasamaraj’ which was run by J.R.’s relative.” J.R. was later chosen to be the guesser. Although he guessed that Chris was related to Billy Idol, he was wrong. J.R. was elmiinated and revealed to be Lil Nas X’s older brother.

5 Karsyn

During episode 1, Claim to Fame’s Karsyn said that her celebrity relative is best known for being a musician. In the talent show, she sang “Amazing Grace.” However, her singing wasn’t the best. During episode 3, Shayne pulled Karsyn’s Wine Room puzzle clue. The clue had a trophy, an eraser with the minus sign and the letter “E,” the symbol for “who,” two records, the number 4, and a mug of beer. In episode 4, J.R. deciphered the clues and told Shayne that they meant that Karsyn is related to a NASCAR driver.

There are a giant steering wheel and a beer bottle on the Clue Wall as well. In the episode 4 sculpture challenge, there was a tire. In her confessional, Olivia mentioned Dale Earnhardt, Jr. when she found it. However, J.R. separately thought that the two records and number 4 might stand for Jeff Gordon because he said his number is 2, and he drove for Budweiser. Shayne wanted Gabriel to confirm the clue, and he thought that it seemed right because he was from the same city as Jeff. J.R. later said that he was positive that Jeff was correct.

Cole added that the mustang horse on the Clue Wall represented horsepower for the car. However, later in the episode, Karsyn told Chris that the Jeff Gordon guess was wrong. In the episode 5 telephone game, the limerick’s line “and they raced down the road where it’s sunny” referred to Karsyn.

During the Claim to Fame lie detector challenge, the group asked Karsyn if her celebrity relative was a NASCAR racer. She decided to answer truthfully, and said yes. Chris later showed Olivia Karsyn’s clue, which he interpreted to mean, “Award-winning racer who broke records for beer.” Olivia became the guesser, and said that Karsyn was related to Jeff Gordon. However, she was wrong, and she went home instead of Karsyn.

In the Claim to Fame episode 7 challenge, Karsyn’s celebrity relative’s dossier revealed that he is 48, and was born in 1974, in Kannapolis, NC. He is 5’10” and has kids. His known associates are Danica [redacted], [redacted] Zuckerberg and Jay-Z. His last known location was getting his [redacted] changed. His priors were 2-time [redacted] winner, Won the Most Popular [redacted] Award 15 consecutive times, Won Daytona [redacted] in 2004. Hugo was able to figure out that Karsyn might be related to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

The clues confirm that this is true. Danica Patrick is a fellow racer, while Mark Zuckerberg once participated in a NASCAR ride-along with Dale. Dale also appeared in Jay-Z’s music video, “Show Me What You Got.” He is a two-time Xfinity Series champion and won NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award 15 consecutive times. He also won the Daytona 500 in 2004.

In episode 8, Karsyn won her own clue in the celebrity trivia challenge. It said, “Danica Patrick hosts a podcast, which featured Karsyn’s relative who spoke about his career and his late father.” Karsyn was glad to protect this clue because it gave away so much information.

4 Monay

Claim to Fame - Monay promotional photo

In the Two Truths and a Lie segment, Monay said that her celebrity relative is her father, who’s an athlete who won an Emmy. When Hugo was up for being the guesser, Carly shared with him and Travis that she thought Monay looked like Steve Harvey, and that he could be her dad. Carly said he’s been on television forever and probably won an Emmy. She also pointed to the “Family is everything” sign on the Clue Wall, which she thought might represent Family Feud, which Steve hosts.

After Monay’s team lost the Claim to Fame episode 3 challenge, her headshot details were revealed. They included a fedora, a choker made of a chain with a hot pink lock, and a cloud with a lightning bolt coming out of it. Karsyn was convinced that the family sign, and the games on the Clue Wall (along with the fedora) revealed that Monay is Steve Harvey’s relative. However, Jane wasn’t convinced.

When Gabriel earned the chance to pull a Wine Room clue in episode 5, he pulled Monay’s at her request. This would keep her clue within their alliance. The clue contained symbols, including a calendar with Saturday circled in red, a crescent moon with Zs representing sleep, a satellite, an ampersand, a car jumping a curb, a finger pointing at you, a person with his arms raised, and a comedy mask. Gabriel immediately deciphered this to mean “Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but he didn’t know who appeared on both shows. However, comedian J.B. Smoove has starred in both shows. He is most likely Monay’s father.

During episode 6, Gabriel shared his clue with Chris, but he didn’t know which actor was on both shows either. However, they were able to confirm that Monay isn’t related to Steve Harvey. In the lie detector challenge, her fellow contestants asked her if her celebrity relative ever hosted a game show. She said yes, but Chris thought maybe she was leading them down the Steve Harvey path. Monay also said that her relative was an actor and acted on 30 Rock. She also said yes to her relative doing stand-up comedy. At the end of the challenge, Karsyn said that she thought the Steve Harvey theory had died.

In episode 7, a curb was shown on the Clue Wall. During the challenge, her celebrity relative’s dossier revealed that he is 57 years old and born in 1965 in Plymouth, NC. He is 6’2″ and has kids. His known associates were Larry [last name redacted], Kevin [last name redacted], and Sia. He was last seen spotted renting a [redacted] at Blockbuster. He won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama, is the face of [redacted] Sportsbook Commercials, and starred in [redacted] of Hollywood.

These clues confirm that Monay is related to J.B. Smoove, who has worked with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiam, Kevin Hart on Real Husbands of Hollywood, and played Santa Claus in Sia’s “Santa’s Coming for Us” music video. He also starred in the Netflix series Blockbuster, and is the face of Caesars Sportsbook. In addition, J.B. won the 2021 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for his role as Chief Billy Bills in Mapleworth Murders. In episode 8, Monay won her own clue which read, “Jake Gyllenhall was in Spider-Man: Far From Home with Monay’s relative.”

3 Olivia

Claim to Fame - Olivia promotional photo

Not much was revealed about Olivia in Claim to Fame episode 1. She revealed that her celebrity relative is male, and his greatest award is a Razzie, which is a “Worst Of” Award. For the talent show, she danced on a pole. During episode 3, Olivia’s headshot clues were revealed to be a headband with yellow aliens, a red cross, and glittery gold glasses that said “Happy New Year.”

At the start of the episode 6 lie detector challenge, Olivia’s fellow contestants thought she might be related to Carrot Top. They asked her if her celebrity relative had orange hair, and she said no. They then asked her if her relative was known for using props in their stand-up act, and she again answered no. When Olivia guessed that Karsyn was related to Jeff Gordon, she was wrong, and so her celebrity relative was revealed to be television personality Jenny McCarthy. This shocked everyone because they had no idea. Gabriel said that Olivia could’ve won if she didn’t guess Karsyn wrong.

2 Shayne

Claim to Fame's Shayne in a promo photo

Claim to Fame season 2 contestant Shayne said her celebrity relative’s her father. She stated that he was a musician who had won a Grammy. However, one of these was a lie. During the talent show, she did a card trick, guessing Kevin’s card. After Travis won the talent show, along with the privilege of choosing a Wine Room clue, he picked Shayne’s. The puzzle clue could be deciphered as King, Coming to America, and played Buckwheat. These clues pointed to actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.

In Claim to Fame episode 2, Travis shared the clue with Jane, who was able to interpret the symbols that he’d figured out. She immediately knew Shayne was related to Eddie Murphy. Travis also noticed that the Clue Wall displayed a calendar with Saturday circled on it and a crown. He also figured out that the donkey on the wall referred to Eddie’s role in Shrek. When Shayne came in second-to-last during round 2 of episode 2’s competition, Franklin revealed that her celebrity relative was born in 1961.

In Claim to Fame episode 2, Shayne told the other contestants that when she was no older than five, she and her older brother and younger sister were obsessed with Michael Jackson, and her celebrity relative was friends with him. They had the opportunity to go to his house, play on his rides, and see his animals. She said that she only met him that one time, adding that it was a cool experience.

Although Cole and Shayne had gotten very close in the game, when he became the guesser, he guessed her correctly as Eddie’s celebrity relative. Shayne revealed that she was, in fact, Eddie’s daughter, Shayne Murphy. The group was floored that Cole had betrayed Shayne. She was also shocked.

1 Travis

Claim to Fame - Travis promotional photo

In episode 1, Travis claimed that his celebrity relative’s his father, an actor who won a Critics’ Choice Award. During the Claim to Fame talent show, he dressed as a chef and recited the first 100 digits of pi.He then unveiled a pizza with the number pi written in pepperoni. Travis confessed that his talent would put him in the “nerd category” and was a big risk because of who his father is. However, he wanted to stand out to win immunity and achieved that goal.

Jane said in her confessional that she was 100% certain of Travis’ identity because he spoke in the same cadence as his celebrity relative and recited pi. Shayne and Monay later told Olivia and Gabriel they thought Travis was astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son. Shayne said there were a lot of space clues on the Clue Wall, including an astronaut, moon, and a space-themed bow tie. She added that Travis looked like Neil. At the end of episode 2, Gabriel correctly guessed that Travis was Neil’s son, and he was eliminated.

Claim to Fame had an exciting first half. As the episodes continue, the clues will keep coming. It’ll be interesting and fun to see who these contestants are related to. The pieces are sure to come together as Claim to Fame season 2 continues.

Claim to Fame airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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