Booker T Analyzes AEW’s CM Punk/Adam Page Situation: Work Or Shoot?
Hangman Page talking to CM Punk


Is it a work or a shoot? That’s the popular question this week following CM Punk’s off-air promo on Hangman Page following Saturday’s “AEW Collision” in Greensboro. While there have been several reports on the situation, more pundits like Booker T are now weighing in with their thoughts.

“I don’t know. I’m not gonna sit here and speculate on the inner workings of AEW and whether these guys are trying to book an angle, and maybe they are,” Booker T said during the latest “Hall of Fame” podcast. “If they are trying to book an angle, I don’t want to be like a lot of these shows and delve deep into what they are trying to do and, ‘If they do this, then this might work with that.’ That ain’t the type of guy I am.”

Booker T added, “If it is an angle, just like I tell people about WWE, I’m just gonna sit back and watch and see how this thing plays out. If it’s not an angle, then we’ll know how it plays out in the next six months to a year, easily. Because when turmoil shows up, everybody knows. So just sit back and watch the show and enjoy.”

‘That’s A Shoot Promo’

CM Punk speaking


Co-host Brad Gilmore then read the quote of what Punk said off-air, which led Booker T to believe that was a shoot promo.

“Well, I’ll tell you right now, that’s a shoot promo,” Booker T stated. “If those guys are working in the same company and the turmoil is there and they’re not using it, why is it there? Like I said, I don’t want to delve too far into if this is a work or not, but cutting a promo off the air these days is almost just like cutting a promo on the air because you just got the quote… It’s a good ploy. It might be a good way to make people think.”

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer went on to share that he never had to clear the contents of his promos with his rivals like The Rock, for example, back in the day. He would, however, stay away from personal matters like family.

“Anything goes in a promo,” he claimed. “For me, like family, I’m not gonna bring family into play or anything like that. That’s just me. But as far as the stuff CM Punk is doing with Hangman Page, it’s a rub for Hangman Page because he’s not as big of a star as CM Punk. CM Punk saying something about Hangman Page might spark an interest and people want to see something. I look at it in several different ways, I really do.”

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