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Bold & Beautiful has left us dazed and confused. After months of buildup, the show finally blew up Hope and Liam’s marriage and allowed her to surrender to passion with Thomas. Then the new lovers pulled a vanishing act that would’ve left Houdini asking, “How’d they do that?!?”

We were perplexed to the nth. What couple that has just hooked up for the first time — and seemed to like doing so a lot — stays apart afterwards? They wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off one another! Then it occurred to us that maybe they aren’t keeping their hands off one another.

Behind Closed Doors

Just because Bold & Beautiful has turned into a “Thope”-free zone in the weeks following their tryst doesn’t mean that the twosome isn’t spending tons of time together. Off screen, they may be doing all of the things to one another that they’ve been dreaming about, working out the finer points of a relationship and remembering to lock the door when they’re “occupied.”

We’re not seeing it, but Hope and Thomas could be revisiting their original relationship (when Kim Matula and Adam Gregory were playing the parts). They could be unpacking the baggage that they filled when Thomas went all skeevy stalker on Hope. They could be making promises to one another that leave Liam squarely in the rearview mirror and put Thomas on a whole new path in life.

Thomas Hope B&B

Soaps Move in Mysterious Ways

Why the show has chosen to backburner push Hope and Thomas off the stove just when audience interest was at its peak, we don’t get. Certainly, the story of Liam’s insta-love for Steffy, Finn’s mommy issues and Sheila’s new lease on life is juicy, if also nonsensical, drama. But there is plenty of time to spin two yarns in a week; just cut a few scenes of people talking about Steffy and Finn!

Before you forget what they look like together, review the whole strange “Thope” love story in the below photo gallery.