2023 Strike: WGA And AMPTP Resume Negotiations –

Has the writer’s strike ended?

2023 strike update

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Earlier this week news broke that negotiations between Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) and the AMPTP in the ongoing 2023 strike.

And for the first time, people seemed hopeful that there may be a breakthrough in the ongoing talks. During a meeting, the WGA told members on Friday-

“Your Negotiating Committee received a counterproposal from the AMPTP today. We will evaluate their offer and, after deliberation, go back to them with the WGA’s response next week.”

“That will be our approach, for the time being, until there is something of significance to report, or unless management uses the media or industry surrogates to try to influence the narrative.”

But the WGA wanted to assure everyone that when something important emerged they would inform them.

“When we think there is news you need to know, said a spokesperson for the WGA.”

“Please continue to demonstrate your commitment by showing up to the picket lines.”

Adding, “for yourselves, your fellow writers, SAG-AFTRA, fellow union members, and all those in our community impacted by the strikes.”

Now the strike is more than 100 days, is this a sign that the AMPTP might be willing to meet the WGA halfway?

writer's strike 2023

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How long will the 2023 strike last?

Despite the fact negotiations resumed, Deadline reported that nothing definitive has been decided.

To recap, the Key issues that kicked off the strike in May continue to hinder the entertainment industry.

Issues include pay raises, viewership-based streaming residuals, guaranteed days of employment, and guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence to write scripts.

Meanwhile, the actors continue to strike against the AMPTP for more or less the same reason.

“The AMPTP refused to negotiate with us fairly, and have not contacted us to resume talks,” SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland announced on August 9.

So perhaps it might be better to just take this one step at a time? Maybe accept a concession to be given a concession? let’s hope the WGA take the counteroffer from AMPTP seriously for the sake of the industry.

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