Weekly Horoscope: August 13 to August 19, 2023

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Your weekly horoscope is here. Call in all the self-love you can muster and amplify it with a week-long confidence mantra to reset your roar and positive self-image. You are worthy and brimming with potential! Ground your intentions around living your best life with a mini ritual and a dash of healthy delusion to visualize what you want like you’re living it now. Believe in and back yourself this week. Go from ‘Yes, I can’ to ‘Yes, Ma’am, I AM‘! 

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of August 13 through August 19, 2023.


What’s your vision of luxury, love, and living your best life, Aries? What does it look and feel like? Who is there with you in this vision, or is it a feeling, a desire? This is your week to step toward that reality. Sunday is ground zero for centering yourself in an experience like that. Even if it’s a nod to that vision, don’t just dream it; be it. Note who or what lights your fire! Head into Sunday and right through the week with a positive self-perception. Throw in an ‘I’m awesome’ mindset to amplify this cosmic moment and see how that feels. On Wednesday, it’s time to double down by setting your intentions and commitments around leisure, taking time out for fun, and a romantic revival or vision.


This week your home becomes a canvas for your dreams, Taurus. Imagine the most fabulous and inviting space that mirrors and lifts your feelings. Is it velvet and cozy, modern minimalist curves and arches, or a dramatic green sea of foliage, aka a house plant haven? It’s time to infuse your abode with love and beauty; the dream is yours, so set your intentions to manifest this vision. Rearrange, redecorate, and create an atmosphere that nurtures your soul and is something to be proud of. Invite loved ones for heartwarming gatherings to infuse them with joy. Let your home be an extension of your heart, radiating warmth and affection. Cultivate happiness within your home, making it a true reflection of your inner abundance.


Gemini, picture your local world as a tapestry of vibrant relationships and exciting knowledge. Sunday urges you to set intentions for meaningful connections and joyful learning experiences. As the sun aligns with Venus here, infuse your interactions with kindness and harmony. Connect with siblings, neighbors, and friends who uplift you. Enroll in that class or workshop you’ve been eyeing. This cosmic duo calls for you to express your thoughts with love and engage in heart-centered conversations. Fill your week with stimulating books, art, and positivity. Embrace every chat as a chance to expand your mind and share your exciting ideas. Open your heart and awareness to the beauty that’s already around you.


Prepare to make your financial realm a masterpiece of abundance and self-value! This week, spark up your money zone and ignite a fire for economic growth and amplified self-worth. Set intentions that state with quiet confidence, “I’m worth it!” Infuse your money matters with pure self-love and picture them as a flowing life force. Time to evaluate your spending habits – are they aligned with your values? And do you value yourself like a priceless gem? Every purchase is a chance to invest in yourself, so consider if it truly supports you. Imagine your bank account glowing with self-assuredness and prosperity. As you pitch an idea, use your skills or resources to earn, or splash your cash, remember, you’re painting your future. Your self-value and net worth? Visualize them both skyrocketing!


The cosmos must be saving the best for this week, the final quarter of Leo season. Get ready to radiate as the planet of love merges with the sun in your sign over the weekend. Go for a peak experience on Sunday, as this cosmic love fest is at its most potent. Buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a show you normally wouldn’t indulge in, or spend the whole day in a romantic and grand gesture with your beloved. Whatever you do, carry that cheerful, warm glow through midweek, then set your monthly new moon intentions around your outlook and path. Enjoy your week and stoke your inner fires of confidence, self-love, and self-worth by acting in alignment with your best self-image. 


Virgo, it’s time to dive deep into the numinous. As your zone of dreams and the collective unconscious are activated, your inner world is a canvas for creative inspiration and renewal. This week, listen to the whispers of your soul – what do you long to manifest or experience? Embrace your love of private seclusion, fuel your dreamy side, and let your imagination roam free. Imagine your psyche as a boundless ocean of possibilities. Take this week to honor your need for rest and introspection. Visualize yourself wrapped in tranquility, where your dreams are your sanctuary and guide. Trust your intuition as it links you to your inner wisdom. Perhaps recreate dream images through an artistic outlet or draw on them for creative direction. Your journey to the mystical awaits!


Ignite the spark of camaraderie and foster the warmth found in a like-minded community. Set intentions for your social sphere that align with your highest hopes and wishes. Imagine yourself surrounded by your tribe, engaged in uplifting connections. Channel your innate charm and diplomatic prowess to forge new friendships or draw in existing ones. Envision yourself at the heart of a vibrant social network, where you shine together, perhaps through a common cause. Throughout the week, reach out to those who share your passions and ideals. Your cosmic mission? To unite hearts and amplify positive change. Step into your role as a beacon of unity and let your aspirations flourish within the tapestry of a supportive community.


This week, the spotlight is yours to command. Picture yourself standing tall in the public eye, radiating confidence and purpose. Set intentions aligned with your professional dreams. Envision yourself conquering new heights and leaving an indelible mark on your chosen path. Infuse your actions with grace and charisma and let your ambition take center stage, backed by your undeniable magnetism. Throughout the week, seize opportunities to showcase your talents and expertise; plant seeds now and harvest them in six months. Embrace your power to shape your public image, painting a portrait of success and determination. Your mission? To ascend as a powerhouse of influence, leaving an imprint that inspires loyalty and courage. Let your star shine this week as you embrace your journey toward professional excellence.


Sagittarius, brace for cosmic fireworks! On Sunday, the sun and Venus rendezvous in Leo, amplifying your zone of expansion. Embrace this synergy by setting intentions that align with your quest for wisdom and adventure. And mark Wednesday’s new moon in Leo as a portal for manifesting your boldest dreams. Envision yourself as an intrepid explorer, charting uncharted territories of knowledge and understanding. Let your curiosity be your compass and your passion your fuel. This week is your invitation to dive into new horizons, engage in mind-expanding conversations, and soak in the beauty of diverse cultures. Your pursuit of truth is a beacon guiding you to a life enriched by discovery and insight; boldly venture along the road less traveled. 


Capricorn, get ready for a cosmic unveiling! Sunday’s romantic sun-Venus conjunction in Leo sparks a rendezvous or revelation in the realm of intimacy and secrets. While Leo’s solar flair is dramatic, your subtlety adds an enigmatic touch to engagement. Embrace vulnerability as you forge authentic connections and be prepared to take the lead. Wednesday’s new moon amplifies this energy, inviting you to embrace profound transformation. Seek the hidden resources within and release what no longer serves your journey to intimacy. This week, dare to share your private self and create a connection steeped in trust. Your journey into the unseen and metaphysical can foster profound growth. Remember, even the most enduring mountains harbor rich veins of gold. Dive into the mysteries with quiet confidence, and embrace your desire.


Aquarius, embrace creative collaborations! Sunday’s sun-Venus conjunction in Leo illuminates your sphere of partnerships, adding a dramatic touch to your calm demeanor. This week, bond over shared visions and perhaps a romantic spark. Wednesday’s new moon in Leo enhances these connections, so set intentions for balanced and exciting partnerships. Recognize the power of genuine emotional exchange and open your heart without losing your independence. In the dance of opposites, your cool detachment can blend beautifully with a partner’s passion, creating harmonious unions that celebrate individuality and togetherness. Relationships become stages for collaborative greatness, where your unique genius shines alongside a friend or partner’s gifts.


Pisces, let’s infuse glamour into your routine! Sunday’s sun-Venus conjunction in Leo lights up your zone of work and wellness. Embrace creative flair and add a touch of magic to your daily schedule. Let your imagination run wild and create a work environment that truly inspires you. Wednesday’s new moon in Leo invites you to set intentions for a healthier, more playful routine. Pisces, your love for fantasy can find its place in your work life, making tasks more enjoyable. Let your creativity shine, transforming mundane tasks into opportunities for artistic expression. Embrace your vibrant imagination to uplift your well-being. Remember, your work environment can be both productive and a space for imaginative play and connection. Your routines are the mechanism that allows your dreams to flourish, so set them toward your best outcome.

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and the upcoming author of Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. You can learn more at astroallstarz.com or follow Montgomery on Instagram @astro_allstarz.

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