Tyrese Gibson Says He Struggled to Sue Home Depot, ‘It’s My Disneyland’

Tyrese Gibson
I Struggled With Suing Home Depot
… ‘It’s My Disneyland’

8/14/2023 12:27 PM PT


Tyrese Gibson says he’s all torn up inside about the $1 million lawsuit he filed against Home Depot … because the home improvement store is his happy place.

The ‘Fast & Furious’ actor was at LAX when a photog asked him how he’s holding up after suing Home Depot … and Tyrese explained why it was hard for him to pull the trigger.

As crazy as it sounds, Tyrese says Home Depot was “like my Disneyland” … estimating he’s spent close to $10 million there over the last 2 decades, which made suing the corporation all the more difficult.


Remember, Tyrese is going after Home Depot in court because he believes a cashier racially profiled him and his Latino crew members because she wouldn’t allow them to use his credit card to buy supplies.

Tyrese says he hasn’t heard a peep from Home Depot since he posted video of the store interaction and filed the suit … and he says it’s just one of the reasons he’s thinking of taking his business over to Home Depot’s biggest competitor, Lowe’s.


It’s interesting … during the Home Depot incident, Tyrese name-dropped the company’s CEO, threatening to have him call the cashier because they’re neighbors in Atlanta. But, Tyrese says the CEO has clammed up, too, despite their supposed friendship.

Tyrese says despite his reservations, he’s going through with the lawsuit on behalf of all the people who claim they’ve been racially profiled in Home Depot stores across the country … and he says the lawsuit is not a money grab, but a tool to make a statement.

For Tyrese, it sounds like the defining moment of the whole fiasco was when his crew member was brought to tears by the treatment in Home Depot. Tyrese says he’s standing up for minorities everywhere with his suit.

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