Selena Gomez Wore Just a Towel While Eating Tacos in Bed

Selena Gomez gave her Instagram Story viewers both a thirst trap and a meal in a sultry black and white photo of her eating tacos in bed wearing just a towel. Gomez provided no commentary to the snap. It’s unclear whether this is part of promotion for her upcoming single or just another glimpse of her life these days. (Because why not?)

selena gomez posing in a towel


Gomez did get attention this weekend though when a site called “” came up, promoting new music from her. The site doesn’t contain much information yet, just the words “Single Soon?” and a space to enter your email to receive “updates from Selena Gomez.” The site’s play on words cleverly marks Gomez’s approach to her new music era as well as her current relationship status.

Gomez has not hidden the fact that she is very single on social media. One viral TikTok post in June showed her trying to get soccer players’ attention by shouting playfully, “I’m single! I’m just a little high maintenance. But I’ll love you sooo much.”

Gomez doubled down on her romantic availability in a photo with the Haim sisters at Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party. The sisters wrote “single summer” in their caption to make it clear everyone in the photo was on the dating market, including Swift, who had recently ended her short-term romance with Matty Healy.

Gomez also posted herself using TikTok’s “Why I’m Single” filter in mid-July, more recent proof her status hasn’t changed:

Gomez was last romantically linked to Zayn Malik in March. She signaled that relationship was over when she unfollowed him in June. A source debunked more recent dating rumors between Gomez and British producer Fred Again to Entertainment Tonight in early August, describing their dinner as platonic.

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